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MY! Social media platform for Africans by Africans set to launch in May 2021

MY! is an inclusive social media platform that appeals to all age groups



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There is a social media boom in Africa with attendant content management and evaluation tools too.

Now, MyCountry MyWorld is set to launch MY! a social media platform for Africans by Africans providing possibilities in world exploration by giving users the opportunity to bring their country and world to each other. recalls that social media users across Africa witnessed a very thrilling moment following the launch of the continent’s first-ever social media ranking app called SocialCred. The app was launched by Lagos-based marketing technology startup, Plaqad.

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The design

In another move, Rabawa announced the launch of the first social commerce platform in Africa to reduce the rate of unemployment on the continent.

To crown it all, MY! A social media platform is set to be launched in May 2021. “Having developed the app over a period of two years, with a series of tests; we are now confident that the app is ready to be released to the world”, said the Co- founder, MY!, Samuel Zean Jr.

With over 4 billion internet users across the world and growing by 332 million in the past 12 months and more than 900,000 new users each day, MY! presents a platform where these users especially from developing economies can tell their story their own way and own the platform.

Globally, internet user numbers are growing at an annual rate of more than 7½ percent, but year-on-year growth is much higher in many developing economies.

Number of Internet users

“Majority of Africans complain of how African nations are portrayed by the western countries on both traditional media and digital media. The MY! app is developed by Africans for Africans to help change this narrative. Whereby, everyone is given a chance to tell their story their way,” said Zean Jr.

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MY! is an inclusive social media platform that appeals to all age groups. The app provides unmatched user experience, engagement, interaction and entertainment. The app’s interface is user friendly and easy to navigate through. It enables users to share content effortlessly, by providing feedback and updating a post status. It simplifies the collaboration between users and gives them the full visibility of content created.

Developed and founded by a small group of self-funded African immigrant community from Liberia and Sierra Leone who reside in Minnesota, the app is meant to take on both Facebook and Instagram.  “In a time of so much unrest, it brings hope to many seeing this diverse group of people coming together to create something special for the world”. Adam Borgerding, VP of Operations, MY!

Furthermore, the app gives users the opportunity to retain the rights of authentication for their work. MY! allows its users to maximize their creativity to the maximum and rewards them for every uploaded post shared. The app enables users to represent their country by showcasing an individual’s country’s unique attraction sites, features, wildlife, culture, cuisine, art, skills, talent, stories, business hustle, history and so much more.

MY! will officially launch on May 10th, 2021 and will be readily available on Google Play and Apple Store.

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