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Prof. Adesina Sodiya’s 20 months+ stewardship as President of NCS

“We used to be members of IFIP – International Federation of Information Processing. At a point our membership was terminated. Now, we have reconnected to the body. We have also renewed our membership of the British Computer Society (BCS). And more international recognitions are coming for NCS” – Sodiya



Prof. Adesina Sodiya
President, Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Prof. Adesina Sodiya

Professor Simon Adesina Sodiya was elected President of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) in July 2019.

He is also a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, (FUNAAB), Ogun State (Nigeria).

Sodiya who served as the immediate past president, Information Technology Systems and Security Professionals (ITSSP), an IT Security interest group under NCS, was elected at the Society’s 14th International Conference held at the International Hotel, Gombe State.

NCS’ members reposed great confidence in Prof. Sodiya as someone with the experience, pedigree and expertise required for the apex job at the Society, especially as his campaign promises were premised on “to refoot and give NCS a new direction”.

Thus, by July it will be exactly two years of piloting the affairs of NCS. approached the President to ascertain how his leadership has fared in the pursuit of the promises anchored on; promoting members’ interest, leading an inclusive development of IT profession, repositioning NCS in the global rating and to lead youth development driven leadership.


President Buhari in a group photograph with the leadership of CPN and NCS

He also met a gigantic project; which is the construction of five-story building for the new secretariat. How far has he gone on this project despite the novel Coronavirus Pandemic among sundry issues. (Excerpt)


In his words, “When you come to an office with clear intentions and have put strategies in place, you are not going to find some of the things difficult to achieve them. Before I became the president I was in the NEC (of NCS) for about 8 years. I am fully aware of developments in NCS.

“Running a Society like this is more of serving the interest of your members. Many of them are joining the association for professional development. So, they will measure your performance based on how well they are gaining in that area. Therefore, we considered serving members’ interest as crucial. We have focused majorly on education; helping members to be update to date with emerging technologies. Don’t forget that this is a dynamic discipline with changes almost daily. We have had a number of capacity building programs.

“In the area of research and development, we have created digital library for our members. All our articles and journals are now available to members, online.

“On NCS-government relationship, we have stepped up engagements and continue to make impacts on policy developments. In areas where we needed to challenge the government we have done that constructively.

Industry 4.0

Chairman, Conferences Committee, Rex Abitogun; President, Prof. Adesina Sodiya; Executive Secretary, Iyiola Ayoola; Deputy President, Mohammed Sirajo Aliyu; member of NEC, Prof. Oludele Awodele, all members of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) during the opening of 15th International Conference 2020.

“In the area of membership, we have continued to attract attention of practitioners who weren’t considering joining NCS before now. During our induction ceremony in year 2020 we were able to get 800 new members. That means our efforts are paying off. We have set new target for this year. We are looking at getting up to 1000 IT practitioners for induction.

“We used to be members of IFIP – International Federation of Information Processing. At a point our membership was terminated. Now, we have reconnected to the body. We have also renewed our membership of the British Computer Society (BCS). And more international recognitions are coming for NCS.

The challenges:

“Well, they are not peculiar to NCS. The challenges are faced by all professional bodies which is having the funding to executive your programs. There are many things we set out to accomplish but have delayed due to funding like our building.


“When I came on board, I thought within two years we would have gotten pass the stage we are presently. Though we have tried by signing a contract that will get the project to roofing stage, but we wished to do more. When we came on board it was at the third floor stage. We are taking it to the final floor and COVID-19 contributed to these challenges.

“Apart from that, sincerely, members of the executive, the secretariat are t performing well. All our activities have received interest from within and outside the country.

Prof. Adesina Sodiya added that his major interest is to leave NCS better than he met it.

When asked how easy or difficult has it been combining his lecturing job with the NCS presidency, he said:

“It is actually a lot of work combining the two tasks. NCS work at times is more than full-time work; that is if you want to really dedicate yourself to it. Bur because of the interest we have to continue to do our part because we have generations coming that we have to set pace for them. Well, I am used to multi-tasking.

NCS new secretariat

NCS new secretariat project

The NCS President, Prof. Adesina Sodiya also declared NCS’s stand on the current travails of the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami), NIMC project, NIN-SIM integration policy, national security agenda, and efforts to close ranks with other IT related bodies to achieve common goal of economic and professional development in Nigeria.

Watch out for the full interview on Wednesday…  

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