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Review: CocoFinder as a unique background checker product online





A background check is a process a person or company uses to verify that an individual is who they claim to be. Background checks are quite common, especially in the United States. We have seen a number of companies, even in Nigeria, requesting for such product.

In an article just released, CocoFinder is listed as one of the most used online background check services.

Why do you need a background check on someone?

People do checks on other people for reasons such as:

For employers to check that the credentials presented to them by prospective employees are correct. This helps to hire the right candidate.

Information, especially that of the person’s education and employment history can be altered by the person applying for a job to paint them in good light or make them seem more suitable for the job.

When an employer runs a background check on a person, depending on the tool or database they use, they can see which schools they attended and where they have worked before.

Cocofinder 1

To check for criminal records:

Most people will not be upfront with their criminal records especially if it is a terrible criminal record. Naturally, they will try to hide any history of them being on the wrong side of the law. For that reason, a background check steps in to help find out the criminal history of a person if any exists. This can be useful when hiring a new employee, letting a tenant, finding a roommate, a relationship partner, and so on.

To find out more about a dating partner:

We live in a world where so many people want to create a façade. This habit of trying to be a person that you are not is common, especially in relationships.

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A person will sometimes want to appear richer than they are for example to make them more attractive to another person. It would be such a waste if you invested your time in a relationship that was based on a false representation of information.

A background check, therefore, becomes necessary to avoid such situations. Depending on the database you use, you can find out the official name of a person and other details that you may need before committing to a relationship.

To connect with long-lost relatives:

This is not that common but you can run a background check to find a lost relative. Most background check software requires you to have little information about a person such as their date of birth and name and on entering that information, they use it to find out more about the person. Just imagine having a person’s name and date of birth and using that to get their address, phone number, and much more.

To look up old schoolmates:

I guess you have that one person you schooled with that you wonder where they are. With just a few details such as their name, the college or school they attended and the year, you can simply be reunited with that old friend from college!

What is CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is an online service that helps search for information on people.

A good online background check should offer different types of background checks. One should have the option of using the different information they have to perform an accurate background check.

CocoFinder offers five different types of background checks.

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These include:

People Search – People Search makes use of a person’s name to find out more information about the person. Information such as their criminal history, financial dues, court proceedings, addresses, and more can be gotten by just entering the person’s first and last name.

CocoFinder People Search will give you information like current residents, court records, criminal records, addresses, landline numbers, age, traffic records, scam/fraud ratings, financial records, business details, and lien records.

Cocofinder 2

Phone Lookup – Reverse Phone Lookup is the process of searching for a person’s name and identity by just keying in their number. This can be the number of someone known to you and more information is needed or just a number that called your number and need to know whom it belongs to.

CocoFinder Phone Lookup will give you information like a person’s identity, address, acquaintances, alternate phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.

White Pages – White Pages can be seen as a modern version of the conventional phonebook. It can provide the details of a person such as their name and how to contact them through address and phone number.

Not to be confused with yellow pages, White Pages are used to find people registered on a phone network in a given area. Yellow pages on the other hand is a collection of commercial businesses and professionals in an area.

White pages

Address Lookup – Address Lookup uses an address to find out a property’s current and previous owners or tenants. Information that can be gotten from running a Reverse Address Lookup includes the name, phone numbers, age, social media profiles, relatives, and criminal records of current and former tenants.

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Background checker

Background Check – Background Check is a general search for when you have the name of a person. The background search service offers the following information: The background search service should show the criminal history, the charges, and documentation of any served or serving sentences.

You can also search and confirm the educational background and see if they carry the qualifications they claim.

I have used CocoFinder for a while now and I must add that it has a database that is quite up-to-date and in-depth information across a wide range of fields.

With its high accuracy levels on its search results, CocoFinder is simply the best background checker I have used so far.

In Conclusion

When doing a background check on someone, make up a list of specifics you want to know about that person. Do not search blindly. CocoFinder uses various options and you must choose the best for your intended results.

CocoFinder is a legal online background check and has customer support services. It is always advised that you use the information you find carefully so as not to breach people’s privacy.

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