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USSD failure: 10 Quick, simple alternatives to topup your line and pay bills



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Innovation rules the world; organisations and individuals race to give consumers what they want.

Yes, innovation outpaces regulation. Digital platforms give outsized reach and influence to those with a winning idea. Specialists and niche profit makers flourish. present to you 10 ways to top-up your MTN Line and even do more without using USSD.

Mobile operators, especially in Africa — where the market is primarily prepaid—typically use USSD for their internal applications such as balance checks, top-ups, data bundles and promotions.

More recently, banks and utility companies have started taking advantage of the protocol to build mobile banking and utility management applications all across the continent.

There’s something unique about apps on USSD that make the protocol very valuable for the African market — USSD works on every phone.

So, in the last 24 hours, the media space has been filled with news stories about the impasse between some banks and MTN Nigeria regarding USSD services.

As a follow-up to that story on Banks vs MTN Nigeria USSD matter (pending when it is resolved), it will interest you to note master these great alternative means to stay inconvenienced by the service suspension.

Here are 10 alternative ways to recharge your MTN line without using banks’ codes:

1. MTN On Demand using *904#

The *904# is a mobile USSD code that allows you the ease of buying airtime and data directly from your bank accounts to mobile phones, at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

This service is also called MTN ON Demand

2. Barter By Flutterwave

The app empowers you to send or receive money from abroad.

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You also use Barter to pay bills when you go out for dinner or drinks with your friends, or to pay for your Uber ride, etc.

You can also create Virtual Cards to pay for your services online, shop for clothes and pay for your utilities. You’ll see. Once you start, you’ll never go back.

You can download the app HERE;

3. Jumia Pay (app);

JumiaPay is another app that connects you to your favourite services faster and easier. You also get to save more whenever you use the App to make transactions.

One of the best things about the app is that, after your first login, you can access the app via your fingerprint or pattern lock.

You can get every information you need about JumiaPay HERE.

4. OPay (app);

OPay is the leading Mobile Payment platform in Nigeria, with over 8 million users.

When it comes to money and lifestyle, safety is as important as accessibility. OPay attaches great importance to protecting its user’s information as all details inputted on the platform are encrypted in the background.

You can use OPay app for bank transfers, pay bills, airtime purchase, etc.

5. MTN Xtratime airtime loans (*606#);

This service allows you to borrow airtime on credit when you run out of airtime and payback on your next recharge.

MTN XtraTime is available to ONLY Prepaid customers that are eligible for the service.

Steps to borrow airtime on MTN via *606# Menu:

  • Dial *606# and select XtraTime
  • You can then select your preferred amount from the list
  • After selecting your preferred amount, the system will then send you a message with the amount you are about to borrow and the applicable service fee for you to confirm the transaction.
  • Once you confirm your transaction, the system will deduct the service fee, credit your XtraTime account with the remaining airtime balance and send you a successful notification message.
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6. Carbon (app);

With Carbon app you can unlock the power of money with a free Carbon bank account.

This very app grants you opportunity to recharge your MTN line (and other networks), pay other bills, transfer money, get instant loans and enjoy high-interest savings, all in one place.

7. Kuda (app);

Kuda is a full service digital only bank with a banking license. Kuda is designed for your smartphone, free of ridiculous charges when you pay a bill, top-up airtime, send money; and great at helping you budget for what and how to spend.

8. BillsnPay (web. They also have an app);

BillsnPay is a bills presentment and payment platform, created to simplify the process of aggregating bill payments by service providers with either recurrent billing requirements of one-time billing.

This platform allows bills to be sent via SMS or/and email; whilst enabling payment via multi-payment channels – Debit/Credit cards, Account, USSD and QR; thus promoting ease, safety and accountability with Merchants.

BillsnPay is available on web and appstore.

9. myMTN Web;

Are you just hearing about that before? Oh, yes. With myMTN, you can recharge online and manage your account easily.

With MyMTN you can topup airtime, purchase bundles pay your bills and much more

10. Momo agent *223#

MoMo is an acronym for Mobile Money. MoMo services allow registered agents to perform transactions for customers

MoMo Agent has been upgraded with bill payment, cash deposit and withdrawal, as well as data and airtime purchase components.

Upgrades also include bulk disbursement services enabling public and private companies to make payments en masse anywhere in Nigeria without a bank account, ATM availability or bank branch!

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The Apps can be downloaded from the Playstore and the Appstore.

Now, you can recharge, pay bills and conduct other transaction without stress.

Tell us about your experience in the comment session below.



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