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5 major factors to consider before starting business in Nigeria




It is not a gainsaying that every big thing has its small beginning. This is a fact and applicable to everything in life including the business.

Indeed, anyone who wants to go into the business world must adhere to the simple fact above. This implies that it’s not a must that a prospective businessman has everything in place before plunging into action depending on the type of the business. as a medium majorly dealing in Nigerian and global economy along with technology reportage, in this article will be citing five major factors every Nigerian must have before going into any business.

Below, therefore, are five major factors anyone can consider before going into any business in Nigeria:

  1. Knowledge: This is the first factor and it is very important. A prospective businessman must have the knowledge of the business he wants to go into.

Knowledge, according to the Oxford Learners Dictionaries, it is understanding and skills that you gain through education or experience.

  1. Capital: Every person who has the full knowledge of the business he wants to go into must also consider capital as the second factor.

It is also important because all businesses must have capital in order to purchase assets and maintain their operations.

  1. Location: This is the third factor that must be considered by anyone before going into any business.

It is good to have the full knowledge of the business before going into it and it is fantastic also to have a considerable capital but the importance of the location can’t be overemphasised.

  1. Prospective clients/customers: These are referred to as customers who have the ability to buy your products/services and in the same time have the willingness or the interest or the need on your products or services.
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This is an essential factor also because you can’t consider a certain group of people as prospective clients without meeting the above conditions.

  1. Competitors: It is said that nothing is new under heaven. What seems to be new to one is old to another. And of course, a good business is not meant for one person.

Having this knowledge is good. It is advisable to know all the categories of people doing the same thing that you are about to do or doing. This will make it possible to know the weakness and strengths of the competitors.

Hence, you can work on the weakness of other competitors to make your business become better than theirs. Success is guaranteed for any person that knows all these factors and puts them into consideration when beginning any business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

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