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APPLY – Over N1m for grabs in Hardware Garage’s StartHard Competition 1.0

. Competition rings new hope for Hardware sector in Nigeria



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You might have heard that hardware (production) does not require just technical competences, it is capital intensive!

At the same time, hardware infrastructures are the bedrock of every developing economy. Well, in this clime little efforts are been made by the government in spinning forth the hardware ecosystem. The President of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS), Pro. Adesina Sodiya, even confirmed this in our recent interview with him.

If multinationals find it hard to run hardware business, then running a hardware startup is harder!

For the past few years, software startups in Nigeria have been on the news with lots of funding leveraging the software ecosystem.

The question now is; what does the future hold for the hardware ecosystem.

This is the motivation behind founding the Hardware Garage, an acceleration Centre where the team transform hardware ideas/prototypes or concepts that are sellable in Nigeria into commercially viable products.

Another angle to this is the truism that Nigerians (Africans) are embodied with lots of ideas but little or none of this ideas come to fruition because of the present ecosystem available.

What the Hardware Garage does is to incubate this idea/prototype or concept through its network of engineers and academia, iterate on the idea looking at the market potentials and building a commercially selling product from it.

“As the startups begin to sell, we like them to our readily available investor syndicate who invest monies in the startups to scale. The Unique nature of the project supports the startups till the “selling stage” of the business because, if a startup doesn’t earn revenues, the tendencies to shutdown are very high”, the Executive Director of Hardware Garage, Uche Ogechukwu told over the weekend.

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That name rings bell right? Well, Uche Ogochukwu is one of brains behind the Enugu-based Greenage Technologies with great understanding of the hardware ecosystem.

Why StartHard Competition?

After successful demonstrations, the Hardware Garage launched an Annual Innovation pitch titled “StartHard.

StartHard Competition is an Innovation pitch inviting hardware Technology entrepreneurs working in clean technology, E-mobility and agrictech.

“Through our detailed processes, the Innovation Pitch selects 3-5 startups to support for its 6-8 months startup development.

“All startups aside from funding will have access to a working product development space, an office space, engineering team, sales team, marketing team and an investor network. We feel we need to take this route to tie this project to success”, Ogechukwu said.

Success stories:

The team has an innovative method that is proven worthy of replication. Since 2019, they have successfully supported few startups and projects in Nigeria helping them develop a sellable product in the country.

Testimonies around startups like Greenage Technologies, Automatenics, REB project, GEL attests to this success.

“Our aim is to help Africans transform their dreams to selling products”, the ED said.

StartHard 1.0 Competition 2021:

StartHard Competition

Hardware Garage in partnership with the Enugu Technology and Innovation Centre launched a call for application for the STARTHARD-01 competition.

The program will select 3-5 startups for the Hardware Garage acceleration program.

Each team would receive funding from NGN300,000 to NGN1m according to an agreed value for research and development for the selected startup.

It will also expose the startups to an extensive product development lab, access to engineers, market penetration support and investor syndicates.

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How to apply:

To apply, follow this Link HERE.

Application deadline:

The registration lasts for a month starting 1st June to 31st June.

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