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How Fiam Wifi lost over $250,000 to #EndSARS protests in Lagos



Fiam Wifi office
Fiam Wifi office affected during the #EndSars protests

One of Nigeria’s most innovative telecommunication companies, Fiam WiFi, with intent to provide affordable internet services for all via hotspots, lost over $250,000 to the #EndSARS protests in Lagos in October 2020, can report.

Fiam Wifi, Akin Marinho

Founder/CEO, Fiam Wifi, Akin Marinho

Fiam Wifi is among the startups in the Nigeria telecommunications industry that are innovatively deploying internet services to locations with deep concentration to high density lower income areas and rural communities.

The Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the emerging telecom giants, Akin Marinho, had hinted how Fiam WiFi is equipped with the best and latest facilities along with its team of experts and professionals, set to provide the best uninterrupted and cheapest internet services for all.

But that dream was nearly cut short as the carnage that followed #EndSARS protests affected their investments.

Akin Marinho shared his experience while receiving an award from Cambium Networks for Fiam Wifi’s tireless work to connect communities despite the network in Ajegunle being destroyed in October 2020.


Akin Marinho with the award

In a blog post, he wrote:

“We at Fiam Wifi were honoured by Cambium Networks for our tireless work to connect communities despite our network in Ajegunle being destroyed in October 2020 our losses were in excess of $250k.

“It was a very challenging and difficult period for me personally having invested my own money to get this business up and running. We got off the floor dusted the dirt off our shoulders and carried on. O​​ne word that probably describes me now is perseverance. I never knew I was like that until I started this company in 2017.

“I have gone through every emotion possible but yet I preserve because we are building Africa’s next $1bn tech company.

EndSARS, Fiam Wifi

Property destroyed during the #EndSARS protests

“This award which was given to us for the last quarter of 2020 is testament to the team’s ability to overcome all obstacles placed in its way.

“There are a number of people I could thank personally who were with me throughout this period. They know how much they mean to me. I don’t need to name them publicly on social media.

“This award which carries my name alone is not really for me but for all the team, our subscribers, partners, and suppliers who stood by the company and continue to do so as we launch into the next phase of our growth from 2021.

EndSARS, Fiam Wifi

Property destroyed during the #EndSARS protests

“All I can say is thank you so much to you the staff at Fiam Wifi who are with us today. Those that when I ask to drop everything to be by my side, they do so without hesitation, without blinking, without some fake excuses or lie that they don’t have time, neither do they say that it’s too much work for them. I am humbled to have you as my colleagues”.

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