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How your family can catch fun courtesy HUAWEI AppGallery 



HUAWEI AppGallery
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As the evenings begin to get colder, and winter continues to creep up, staying in is becoming a more appealing option.

What better way to pass the time and keep yourself entertained than by throwing a family games night?

Your perfect companion for this is HUAWEI AppGallery. HUAWEI’s official App market, is packed with fun, challenging and even educational games for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are some of the favourites.

GuessUp or CharadesApp

Remember the classic game of charades? Both of these apps offer a variation of these games, by having a participant place the phone on their forehead which displays words.

Through HUAWEI AppGallery, the participant then has to guess what word is being displayed through verbal and physical clues from the other players.

The winner is the one who guesses the most displayed words correctly. With a variety of categories to choose from in both games, as well as the ability to video record and share hilarious moments in GuessUp, these are a good start to family game night.


A staple of many childhoods, this classic card game is now available as a mobile game. Try and get rid of all your cards before the other players, while avoiding those dreaded plus twos and plus fours.

The good news though, is that if you are forced to pick up cards as a result of those plus twos and fours, at least now you won’t have any trouble holding onto them all. Which family member will be named as the UNO champion of the evening? It’s game on!

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Trivial Quiz

Want a game for family game night that is fun, but will also challenge the brain and educate the children? Trivial Quiz, is just what you are looking for.

Divided into six categories to test your knowledge, this game is very easy to play. And if you want more than one category at a time, you can pick the random mode so that your game has a bit of everything. Which family member will answer the most questions correctly? Better get playing to find out.


Would You Rather?

Have you ever found yourself having to make a tricky choice? This game sees players picking between two difficult scenarios. With hundreds of Would You Rather questions, this game is bound to cause a lively debate and start conversations between family members.

You can also submit your own Would You Rather questions for inclusion in the game. So, the question is, would you rather play this game or move on to the next one?


Who doesn’t enjoy belting out their favourite song while at home? Well, the neighbours might not; it all depends on how talented the person is. But amongst family, it’s easier to relax and sing your heart out.

Karaoke has millions of songs to choose from, so your daughter may decide that Hello by Adele is her chosen track, while you as a parent may be a bit more comfortable with Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler (ignore your kids asking who that even is). Karaoke is a perfect way to round out family game night.

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All of these games, and thousands more, are available for download from HUAWEI AppGallery by clicking here.

There’s guaranteed to be one that will make your next family game night a fun and memorable one.

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