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HP unleashes powerful gaming portfolio to push gamers to new heights

…New Victus by HP brand debuts with 16-inch laptop, built from OMEN DNA, created for mainstream players



HP OMEN gaming
  • OMEN offers breakthrough hardware and software experiences with a more sustainable PC design made with ocean bound plastics and recycled materials

HP has introduced its latest gaming hardware and software designed for today’s gamers with the powerful OMEN 16 and OMEN 17, bright and customisable OMEN 25i Gaming Monitor, and community gaming with OMEN OASIS Beta feature in OMEN Gaming Hub.

The company also debuted Victus by HP, its next-generation mainstream-level gaming PC portfolio, with a 16-inch laptop.

Gaming continues to be an outlet for entertainment and connecting with friends. Two out of three people are spending more time watching videos and gaming than they did prior to the pandemic, with one in four gaming three to four hours more and almost one in five gaming six to ten hours more a week.

HP’s next-generation gaming portfolio is designed for both veteran gamers and enthusiast explorers to be entertained, connected, and empowered to progress in their favourite games.

“Our constant focus with gaming is to create innovative technologies that progress the medium forward for everyone, be it enthusiast level OMEN users or newcomers to this growing and endlessly entertaining industry,” said the Director of Gaming and Esports, HP Inc.,Judy Johnson. “We are offering a compelling entry point for anyone who wants to game with Victus by HP, high power and performance with new additions to our OMEN line-up, and OASIS, a new feature for OMEN Gaming Hub, to optimise gameplay streaming while bringing people together.”

Seasoned gamers crave the latest advancements in hardware and software that allow them to experience today’s titles at the max settings so they feel truly immersed when they get a last second multiplayer win or defeat that final boss.

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The latest additions to the OMEN ecosystem focus on delivering new experiences that push beyond the expected to keep gamers connected and entertained, and excited for what is next.

OMEN 16 presents gamers with stunning graphics experience by bringing the latest games to life with up to an NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3070 Laptop GPU 8 GB or AMD RDNA™ 2 architecture-based graphics.

Crush content with up to Intel® Core™ i7-11800H7 or 8-core AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Mobile Processors 8.

It enables gamers to quickly use multiple apps with up to 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz and get ultra-fast access to critical files with up to 1TB PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD9 or up to two 1TB PCIe SSDs supporting Raid 09.



HP’s innovations in internal design continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with blades that are 2.5 times as thin and have over a 200% increase in blade count compared to the OMEN 15 so that air flow is increased to meet the demands of powerful internals.

Meanwhile, gaming sessions last longer from anywhere with increased battery capacity from 52.5Whr to 83Whr for up to 9 hours of battery life.


OMEN 17 arrives in its most advanced form yet with Desktop-Grade Gaming, allowing one to cruise through the latest AAA hits with up to an NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3080 Laptop GPU 16 GB with a TGP maximum up to 165W and up to Intel® Core™ i9-11900H processor7.

It also allows for multitasking between games, browsers, or apps like a pro with up to 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz memory and play faster and harder with up to 1TB PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD9 or up to two 1TB PCIe SSD supporting Raid 09.



It offers gamers a cooler and more comfortable play experience when questing through the latest games, thanks to the addition of 24 more blades that are 17% thinner along with a 14% larger outlet open ratio, which contributes to a -5 °C reduction in temperature on the keyboard surface deck compared to the previous generation and keeps those gamer palms feeling cozy.

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The Victus by HP was created to introduce gamers to an accessible, yet elevated, gaming experience built with OMEN’s DNA. As the younger sibling to the pro-ready OMEN brand, Victus aims to help anybody from any background outplay the ordinary in their quest to find out what type of gamer they are.

As the first entrant in the Victus line, the Victus by HP 16 comes with a distinctive lifestyle design featuring three striking colour options in mica silver, performance blue, and ceramic white, all with a standard backlit keyboard printed with the memorable font found on OMEN devices.

Victus by HP 16 is built sustainably with post-consumer recycled ocean bound plastic utilised in the construction of the speaker housings and bottom base of the chassis26 and outer boxes and fiber cushions that are 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Victus by HP

Victus by HP

HP also unveiled the OMEN 25i Gaming Monitor which makes waves as the first ever OMEN gaming monitor to feature HP Eye Ease with Eyesafe® certification to reduce eye stain while playing.

This hardware enabled low-blue light solution is built right into the display, making it unnecessary to adjust settings or fret about a compromised colour experience thanks to a 30% reduction of excessive blue light compared with a standard LCD display.

OMEN 25i Gaming Monitor

OMEN 25i Gaming Monitor

OMEN Gaming Hub
 is evolving to address the needs of today’s gamer as a centralised solution for everything from optimising your gaming PC, customising your hardware, and enhancing the gaming experience.

User research shows 91% of gamers prefer sharing streams to small parties of 1-20 people, with 61% stating that sharing live gameplay experiences is important, and 49% having a desire to share webcams.

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With this insight, OMEN Gaming Hub added OMEN OASIS, currently in beta, to provide gamers with quick and simple access to gameplay streaming with their friends.



OMEN OASIS is a downloadable and easy to use add-on to OMEN Gaming Hub designed to optimise sharing gameplay, game nights, or watch parties with your friends.

It features up to a 16-person invite-only party, so inviting your friends is easy and intuitive, and everyone can join in on the fun. Friends can communicate with either high-quality voice or simple text chat.

Now with OASIS, gamers can share their real-time gameplay in high definition and low latency.


The OMEN 16, OMEN 17 and Victus by HP 16 are expected to be available in June, while the OMEN 25i Gaming Monitor is expected to be available in July. The OMEN OASIS is currently available in Beta in the US, but will soo be available to the rest of the world.

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