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HUAWEI Themes empowers smartphone users to embrace individuality 

Whether paid or free, there’s a lot of Themes, Wallpapers, and Text styles to choose from such as Cartoon, Creative, Lovely, Cool, Concise, Fresh, Sophisticated and Colour




Did you know that the average person will spend 76 500 hours, or almost 9 years of their life using their cellphone? We use our phones so often it’s not just a phone anymore, but a vital part of our lives that impacts our moods daily.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a wallpaper that is fun and vibrant instead of a blank screen; some of us don’t even bother to change, let alone customise, our phone screens.

But with HUAWEI Themes’ massive collection of memorable wallpapers and quirky text styles, you can play around with all sorts of creative, fun elements that customizes your phone to suit your personality and mood.

HUAWEI Themes is an app that offers personalised themes, text styles, and wallpapers for your phone and is an important part of Huawei’s emotion user interface. HUAWEI Themes is a pre-installed app and can usually be found on your home screen.

You can also swipe right to enter the leftmost screen and search for Themes in the search bar to quickly locate it.

The nuts and bolts

If you’re a first-time user or in need of a refresher on HUAWEI Themes, here’s a quick guide on how it works and what to do:

  • Open Themes and select your preferred theme and select Buy/Free download. After the theme is downloaded, select Apply.
  • To apply a theme you have downloaded, go to Themes > Me > Themes, select your preferred theme, then select Apply. It’s really simple and easy.

There’s a style for everyone

With over 300 000 free wallpapers, text styles and themes to choose from, HUAWEI Themes enables you to turn your smartphone screen into a mobile canvas.

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Each theme offers its own custom icons and lock screens, giving you the option to apply a new look to your phone every single day. If you want to customise your phone to express your love of graffiti, punk, and street art culture, for example, then you’ll be delighted to explore the variety of Theme Categories.

Whether paid or free, there’s a lot of Themes, Wallpapers, and Text styles to choose from such as Cartoon, Creative, Lovely, Cool, Concise, Fresh, Sophisticated and Colour. For example, in the Cartoon style category, you will find animated Themes such as anime, cute mermaids, care bears and more, while the Creative style has more of an eclectic mix of things such as neon-coloured backgrounds and luminous textures.

Text Styles

With over 500 fonts, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun spicing up your onscreen text.

Add a personal touch to texts while showing off your creativity with the different text styles. With HUAWEI Themes you can spruce up your good morning text with fonts like Stylus, Marshmallow, and Good Time. Use them when sending your good morning texts, happy birthday wishes and get well soon messages; this will definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face when they receive your messages.


When it comes to your phone’s wallpaper for your home screen, you usually want something simple like solid colours or patterns.

With HUAWEI Themes’ over 10 000 wallpapers, you can make your phone your own private art gallery.  So, kick things up a notch and choose from styles such as landscapes and moody images of moonlit snow gleams, and raindrops on a grey background.

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If you’re not sure which theme, wallpaper or text style to choose, you can always select Discover where you will find Today’s Picks and Favourite selections.

And, if you really want to search deeper, by selecting Featured you will find just about all the free themes, wallpapers and text styles, as well as editor’s choice and top downloads.

So, go ahead and get creative and explore HUAWEI Themes today!

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