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Nigerian startup, Chekkit provides nationwide drug verification in Afghanistan after successful pilot

The pilot kicked off last year and Chekkit’s security labels were deployed on 80,000 products in the country.



afghan pilot chekkit

After a successful pilot of Chekkit’s drug verification solution in collaboration with its blockchain partner, Fantom Foundation, the Afghanistan Ministry of Health has announced the rollout of the service nationally.


Chekkit labels on Free Joint Cream

The announcement where the Chekkit, a Nigerian startup’s technology, was adopted for nationwide rollout was made on the 2nd of May 2021 at an event attended by a host of officials from the local government, Fantom Foundation, and the Afghanistan Ministry of Health.

Announcement of Chekkit nationwide rollout by Afghanistan authorities

The pilot kicked off last year and Chekkit’s security labels were deployed on 80,000 products in the country.

Retailers and consumers used the codes – located behind scratch-off films – to verify the authenticity of the personal and medical items.

Internet-enabled mobile phone users could scan the QR code, while for those without internet connections a pin code can be entered via a local phone number.

After the pilot, data gathered using Chekkit’s consumer intelligence solution showed that the public was keen to use the system and the manufacturers of the products were also able to gather valuable insights about those buying and using their products.

With the announcement, the system will be expanded to a national level in Afghanistan, tracking around 210m products including critical and high-volume medical supplies, and also made available for other countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Chekkit’s Co-founders: Dare and Tosin

According to the Founder & CEO, Chekkit Technologies, Dare Odumade, “this deal represents the progress we have made at Chekkit and also outlines our plans in ensuring the lives of millions around the globe are safeguarded using scalable and effective technology solutions”.

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In his words, “Our partners (The Distributor) also made commercial videos of Chekkit authentication process and we translated the into Dari language for the market.

“Working closely with our partners in Afghan makes deployment and operation very efficient. Our pilot was very successful thanks to our partner team from Fantom foundation who are on the ground to follow up timely with operations.

“Chekkit was designed and tested for scale. Together with the blockchain integration our service can authenticate hundreds of thousands of products per seconds simultaneously. This an exciting time for us to further proof the efficacy of our product as the ideal solution for solving real world problems, particularly counterfeits and consumer behavior studies.

“At initial phase end user found it challenging to use the App because it was primarily in English language but promptly converted the language to Dari and the use of the app soared overnight literally.

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