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One Kiosk partners with Verve to deliver groceries to millions of card users



One Kiosk, Verve card

Africa’s online retail commerce solution, One Kiosk Africa, has entered intostrategic partnership with Verve International, a leading card solution provider in Nigeria to deliver groceries and other essentials to millions of Verve Card holders.

The partnership covers Verve card users across four major Cities – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan – in Nigeria.

One Kiosk offers the opportunity for Micro Small and Informal Retailers to leverage on her solution to showcase their wares to millions of customers as well as facilitating the last mile delivery for them to customers. One Kiosk gives consumers the ability to shop from varieties of sellers at competitive rates as well as get their Groceries delivered same day.

Since the first Pilot in 2019, One Kiosk has caught the attention of key players in the online retail commerce space being the first to introduce the hyperlocal model with an hour delivery and during Covid introduced her Make a List which offers same day delivery for Groceries and other open market orders.

One Kiosk Africa

According to Adeshina Adewumi, CEO of One Kiosk, the company has seen over $2 million worth of wares delivered to home between 2020 till date.

“Our solution has helped support over 10,000 Micro, Small and Informal retailers directly and indirectly and we are happy to be contributing towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8 and 9 as it relates to Poverty Eradication, Job creation and Industry Innovation”, he said.

One Kiosk and Verve card

“This partnership would enable us serve millions of Verve card users across Nigeria as we continue on this journey to promoting and supporting Micro, Small and Informal Retailers in Nigeria and later Africa”, he added.

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