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APPLY – EXPLORE Data Science Academy courses now open to Nigeria

. Kick-start your career by taking a world class data science or data engineering course



EXPLORE Data Science Academy

EXPLORE Data Science Academy (EDSA) has opened applications in Nigeria for its 6- and 12-month online data science and data engineering courses, which start on July 12, 2021.

Ambitious, hard-working and talented people now have the opportunity to kick-start their careers in one of the most in-demand professions in the modern digital business environment.

The July courses open for applications are:

  • EDSA’s flagship Data Science course, where students uncover the magic of how data can be used to solve difficult problems in any context.
  • Data Engineering: where students learn how to store, move, process and manage the powerful data platforms that run large enterprises.

The CEO of EDSA, Shaun Dippnall, says, “There is a growing disconnect between the demand for data scientists and supply entering the market.  Data from QuantHub indicates that internationally there was a shortage of about 250,000 data science professionals in 2020.  Our understanding of the situation in Nigeria suggests that the situation is similar there.”

A report by Standard Bank in November 2020, said, “There is a massive opportunity for Africa, given its young population, to skill its people appropriately for the future.  In particular, there is a high demand for data science capability.”

A key regional player in West Africa, Nigeria has the largest population of any African country, over 200 million people.  It also has the largest economy, having surpassed that of South Africa more than a decade ago.  Significantly, it has one of the largest youth populations in the world.

A report by McKinsey on the Nigerian banking sector is important in terms of the growing need for data scientists.

It concludes that Nigeria’s fintech landscape is one of the most vibrant in Africa and banks are expected to accelerate end-to-end digitization to capitalize on consumer’s newfound willingness to use electronic channels.

This is clearing the way for banks to ramp up their use of data and analytics to enhance services and reduce costs.  Nigerian banks could also develop new risk models powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve accuracy and efficiency.

The report also mentions that the Covid crisis has prompted dramatic shifts in working behaviour, such as working-from-home models, that are opening up new avenues for banks to attract and retain the skills they need to support their shift to digital.

Dippnall explains, “All of this points to a growing need for data scientists to be trained in Nigeria and our online learning platform offers students specific advantages.  Courses are designed and presented by world-class specialists, students can study in non-working hours and their regular jobs need not be interrupted.  Typical courses need about 10 hours of work per week.  EDSA has also found that successful data science students come from a variety of backgrounds beyond mathematics and statistics.  Graduates from the arts, sciences and humanities are now successfully switching careers after taking a data science course.”

Employment possibilities

Employment opportunities post-study for successful Nigerian graduates are expected to be excellent.  Dippnall explains, “The success of our full-time courses have been phenomenal in South Africa we have a 95% placement rate after graduation.  Courses are designed to be practical and deal with real world problems in business.  Modern businesses are awash with data and organizations from a variety of fields are unlocking the power of big data and using this to drive strategy and competitiveness.”


Why not apply?

Dippnall concludes, “EDSA’s courses are well-suited to African businesses and African students.  We cut our teeth in an African country with its particular demands and challenges.  We are now rolling out our courses across the continent to countries with vibrant economies that need to leapfrog into the world economy, which demands a capability to unlock the vast stores of value hidden in companies’ data banks.  My suggestion to anyone interested in a brilliant new career is this: apply now – after all, what have you got to lose?”

Interested candidates can register before July 12, at


for more information about its courses.

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