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DeliverASAP.NG hits N40million worth of deliveries in pilot phase



DeliverASAP.NG, providers of lastmile fulfillment for importers in Nigeria celebrated the milestone of fulfilling over 450 orders, worth over N40 million, weighing over 1,700kg all within the pilot year.

The company which was launched during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 has joined the list of businesses birthed during the pandemic.

An entrepreneur, Engr Oyedayo Oyeniran who is the Co-founder and CEO had a one-on-one near frustrating experience running delivery errands for a friend who is into mini-importing.

It was during that process that he had an aha moment – the need for a specific lastmile fulfillment brand for mini-importers with a corporate identity that exudes confidence for patronage among busy importers, professionals, nursing mothers, out-of-Lagos importers, among others.

The company started operations activating one of its services which gained massive success without any form of paid marketing or advertisement from July to December 2020.

In his words, Engr Oyedayo Oyeniran, who started the DeliverASAP journey while being employed and heading a unit in one of the biggest facilities management companies in Africa, said “My experience of working in the logistics industry was crucial to our early success. As they say, experience is the best teacher.”

He had also gained some experiences haven been involved in other startups prior.

“Even though we have three verticals and services planned within the logistics and household services delivery industry over the next three years, we are focusing on the on-demand lastmile fulfillment service for mini-importers in Nigeria”.

The pilot stage gave us the opportunity to test the market, have a feel of what the users need, how they would love to interact, and use the service.

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This has led us to develop a web application where mini importers can register, login and request for fulfillment services and have their request shipped to their location anywhere in Nigeria within a maximum of three days using our cutting edge Internet of Things (IOT) innovation.

“We have created four different products under the business model such that a mini importer can request that we ship to his/her address, ship to his or her customers’ address, up to 100 customer addresses, and finally, we can store the packages in our warehouses spread across Nigeria so that each mini importer can reduce fulfillment cost and maximize profit”.

Advertisement is backed by a team of six which includes Co-founder & CEO, Oyedayo Oyeniran, Co-founder and VP, Technology & Product, Emmanuel Towoju and four staff members with three advisors from diverse backgrounds.

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