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Kaspersky, ownCloud partner to protect file collaboration platform for enterprises



OwnCloud, Kaspersky
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Kaspersky and ownCloud have announced the start of their technology partnership to integrate Kaspersky Scan Engine with the ownCloud Enterprise collaboration platform.

The integration is made through open-standard ICAP protocol.

This offloads scanning to a separate server to maintain performance of the platform, as well as to allow scalability, easy set-up and maintenance. 

Data protection remains the most concerning cybersecurity issue for 54% of organisations in the META region, according to the Kaspersky ‘IT Security Risks Survey 2020’ conducted in July 2020.

There were 5,226 respondents surveyed in 31 countries globally File collaboration platforms allow enterprises to work on their documents within a single protected environment and to keep sensitive data under control.

But it is also necessary to ensure that no malicious objects squeeze into the environment from the outside, with which anti-malware scanning can help.

The partnership of ownCloud and Kaspersky delivers scanning integration with an emphasis on performance and usability.

Kaspersky Scan Engine ensures comprehensive protection from malware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, and adware.

It also provides HTTP traffic scanning, and file and URL reputation checking. Scanning is performed on server-side and can be swiftly scaled to match shifting demands. At the same time, integration is easier for admins to set up and maintain.

“Cybersecurity is a trust issue. Our partnership with Kaspersky allows our enterprise customers to do their antivirus scanning themselves on-premise, without compromising sensitive data by sending it to third-party scanning services. Using the ICAP protocol underscores our conviction that open standards are the way to go towards digital sovereignty,” explains the COO at ownCloud, Holger Dyroff.

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“Even as hundreds of enterprises are completing their cloud migration, adversaries are stepping up their game and seeking to exploit new opportunities. By partnering with ownCloud, we want to make sure that all the advantages of private cloud technologies come together with the safety and security that can only be provided by a first-class anti-malware solution such as Kaspersky Scan Engine. I am honored to welcome ownCloud to our growing community of Kaspersky Technology Partners,” says the Head of Technology Alliances at Kaspersky, Alexander Karpitsky.


The open-standards integration extends the existing functionality of ownCloud’s Antivirus App. The joint solution is ready and available for all interested ownCloud Enterprise customers and also makes ownCloud easily accessible to Kaspersky customers.

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