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LTE: Comparing MTN, Glo networks in Ibadan through NIWBQR lens

. Enextgen also offers Wi-Fi Solutions for homes, offices, parks & recreational centers, hospitals and rural communities.




Enext Wireless or Enextgen is a household name in the telecommunications industry.

The company has providing consumer experience on mobile networks through its flagship National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) which measures the quality of effort in Radio Frequency engineering invested in commercial   LTE network.

Enextgen also offers Wi-Fi Solutions for homes, offices, parks & recreational centers, hospitals and rural communities.

They specialize in using available mobile broadband networks to provide optimum connectivity for internet access and other networking services for small businesses and other commercial centers.

For mobile operators, Enext also provides real-time Insight into the Long term Evolution (LTE) quality deployment. So, Enext Metrics allows users to understand LTE Radio Frequency deployment to be visualized as you can see in its latest NIWBQR report for Ibadan in Oyo State, comparing MTN Nigeria and Globacom networks:

Comparison of MTN with Glo in Ibadan:

Enex has been offering NIWBQR since 2016 and it was designed to encourage Mobile Network Operators to provide high quality of Radio Frequency coverage for optimum utilization of available spectrum and excellent customer experience.

It was previously based on commercial UE logging and post-processing tools but now using Enextlog for input data and Emetrics for processing and visualization

Now focuses on a combination of our proprietary RF quality ranking  (Emetrics) and measurements of results from key applications such as ping and FTP transfers.

What is Emetrics in this report?

Ideally, LTE received Reference signal SINR would be 30 dB and RSRQ would be 0 dB.

In most practical cases, these ideal numbers are not attainable.
Based on more than a decade of experience in optimizing the RF quality of 4G LTE networks, we have developed a set of measurement values for rating the quality of 4G LTE RF.

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Enext rated the Signal-to-Interference-Plus-Noise Ratio (SINR) readings as shown below:

  • Lower than -5 dB is poor (RED)
  • 5 dB to 2 dB is marginal (saddle brown)
  • 2 dB to 10 dB is fair (yellow)
  • 10 dB to 20 dB is good (blue)
  • Higher than 20 dB is excellent (green)

The reported rated the Reference Signal Received Power (RSRQ) as shown below:

  • Lower than -17 dB is poor
  • 17 dB to -13 dB is marginal (saddle brown)
  • 13 dB to -10 dB is fair (yellow)
  • 10 dB to -7 dB is good (blue)
  • 7 dB to 0 dB is excellent (green)

Emetric June 2021

Emetric June 2021

Emetric June 2021

In this NIWBQR report, Enext reported that 50% of the weight for overall ranking is assigned to Emetrics, 20% each is assigned to downlink throughput and packet latency, while 10% is assigned to uplink throughput

Enextlog Measured Values

Ibadan Drive:

56-byte Packet Latency Ranking


Packet Latency Distribution(ms)


Downlink Throughput Ranking


Downlink Throughput Distribution (Kbps)


Uplink Throughput Distribution(Kbps)


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