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New NIWBQR compares MTN, Glo connectivity along Ibadan-Lagos route



NIWBQR, Lagos-Ibadan expressway
NIWBQR: Lagos-Ibadan expressway

As the upgrade of road infrastructure along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, including the recently unveiled Rail line along same route by President Muhammadu Buhari, Enextgen Wireless has carried out a special National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) study comparing the network connectivity of two major network operators in Nigeria, MTN and Globacom, respectively.

The MTN-Glo comparison, round-trip Ibadan to Lagos route by Enextgen was carried out on the 9th (to Lagos) and 10th (from Lagos) of June, 2021, can report.

Recall that a similar report was recently launched by Enextgen Wireless, comparing the connectivity strength of both networks within Ibadan, Oyo State.

Enext Wireless or Enextgen is a leading company in the provision of consumer experience on mobile networks through its flagship National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) which measures the quality of effort in Radio Frequency engineering invested in commercial   LTE network.

NIWBQR has been offered by Enextgen Wireless since 2016 as a service to encourage Mobile Network Operators to provide high quality of Radio Frequency coverage for optimum utilization of available spectrum and excellent customer experience.

Previously based on commercial UE logging and post-processing tools, the service is now using Enextlog for input data and Emetrics for processing and visualization.

It also focuses on a combination of our proprietary RF quality ranking  (Emetrics) and measurements of results from key applications such as ping and FTP transfers.

Enextlog measured values

Round-trip Ibadan-Lagos Drive:

In this report, 50% of the weight for overall ranking is assigned to Emetrics, 20% each is assigned to downlink throughput and packet latency, while 10% is assigned to uplink throughput

Special NIWBQR

Evaluated Route

According to President, Enext Inc., Engr. Aderemi Adeyeye, the Independent quality measurement of 4G LTE in Nigeria is crucial to equitable participation in access to the internet, given the critical role mobile internet access plays in Nigeria.

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He said that having a good sense of what one is paying for is as good for mobile network connectivity as it is for any consumable.

“Our NIWBQR has incorporated ideas from the NCC and a major national mobile network operator


“Public visibility to the quality of mobile networks is critical to the development of broadband communication in the country and demanded by the moral obligations network operators have for honest service.

“Our NIWBQR is customized to the unique Nigerian problem. Rootmetrics, Open Signal, Teleworld Services Ookla or any of the other quality reporting services do not provide the type of reporting that NIWBQR provides”.

This current report compares Glo and MTN along a route between Yaba, Lagos and Jericho, Ibadan.

Special NIWBQR

NIWBQR Ranking

From the diagram above, it can be deduced that the difference in RF quality between the two service providers is very small at this macro level.

The comparison is based on areas where both MNOs provide service.

Given the large area covered, the substantial differences in specific regions are masked. With those caveats, Glo has higher RF quality (NIWBQR Ranking).

56-byte Packet Latency Ranking:


Packet Latency (ms) Distribution:

Special NIWBQR

Downlink Throughput Ranking


Downlink Throughput Distribution (Kbps):


Uplink Throughput Ranking:

Special NIWBQR

Uplink Throughput Distribution(Kbps):

Special NIWBQR

Enextgen Wireless can be contacted via [email protected]

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