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P+ Measurement 17th edition of Evaluate PR holds today



P+ Measurement

P+ Measurement Services, a leading Media Intelligence and Performance agency in Nigeria, has disclosed plans to hot Public Relations and Communications professionals to its 17th Edition of Evaluate PR event.

The event which is often convened via Twitter is set to take place via Google Meet platform due to the ban on the use of the micro blogging app in Nigeria, P+ Measurement said.

The event will be grazed by communications and measurement professionals who will share key insights from their wealth of knowledge and experience in PR and Measurement of communications to educate the audience, and it promises to be an interactive session.

Evaluate PR is an highly informative event in the PR Industry, and the 17th Edition will feature Mark Weiner, Chief Insights Officer for Cognito Insights, New York, USA and Kenneth Adejumoh, Head of Corporate Communications, Nosak Group, Nigeria, who together will provide robust perspectives and answers into the theme of the event and questions to be asked.

The one-hour event is scheduled to take place, today, Friday, 18th June 2021, between the hours of 12pm–1pm (West African Time).

To join in the conversation, use the Google Meet LINK

P+ Measurement Services recently partnered with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises platform, MSME Africa to launch a tailored Media Monitoring and Evaluation Services for MSMEs in Nigeria.

The service, which is the first of its kind in the Nigerian Media Monitoring and Evaluation Industry will enable small and medium-sized businesses to monitor and measure their media performance, keep track of their media exposures as well as performance of their selected competitors to remain competitive and relevant in their market, at the same time maintain a close watch on regulators, and industry activities to avoid doing business in isolation.

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