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Role of proxies against cybercrime




proxies vs cybercrime
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The use of web proxies is often equated to hacking and cybercrime, in general. It is pedestaled as one of the primary tools that makes it possible.

What most people fail to see is that the web and the best residential proxy helps in avoiding and countering bouts of cybercrime.

The use of virtual proxy networks, web proxies, and domain name systems (DNS) protects users from an intentional data breach.

As more processes are migrating online, users must be educated and well-equipped to protect their data. More users should know how they can enjoy the benefits of the internet without worrying about the dangers that come with it.

Let’s look into the specifics. Here’s how proxies help fight against the growing threat of cybercrime.

Protects personal data

Against Phishing

Using different VPNs every time you surf the internet connects you to different residential IPs all around the globe. As long as the VPN provider reaches it you’re good to go. In this manner, if someone is tracking your internet traffic, they will be following dead ends.

This series of dead ends will save you from one of the most common forms of cybercrime nowadays, which is Phishing.

Phishing is when hackers use your credit card data for their benefit. Phishing incidents can be as minor as buying something using your credit. It can also be as drastic as using your credentials to commit fraudulent activities and even money laundering.

Since more people are leaning towards online shopping, the rates of online phishing also have spiked. Using a VPN every time you complete an online purchase will not save any of your credit information. It might seem like a hassle to input the numbers every time you make a purchase, but that downside will keep you from losing your money from fraudsters.

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Against Identity Theft

As one’s daily social media presence becomes an extension of their individuality, people tend to overshare everything in their preferred platform. Their complete names, current locations, and other private information can compromise their safety.

Those who have the intention to steal another person’s identity will thoroughly go through a person’s public profile and get all the information they can.

Apart from taking extra caution before posting anything on your social media platforms, using a proxy server when using one will throw off whoever is tracking you. Using different IPs every time you log in will pin on different locations, thus making it hard to pinpoint your site exactly.

At the end of the day, the best course of action is still being careful with what we post on any of our social media platforms. When taking pictures of personal IDs, cover your address, contact number, and serial number. As an added measure, you can also cover a part of your name.

Against Spreading Hacking

Another danger that comes with the constant use of social media, cases of hacking is also rising. Hacking is one of the most common forms of cybercrime where another person takes over your profile or personal website and posts malicious content.

In recent years, even government websites are not safe against hacking jobs. In most cases, hackers tamper with their content and endanger sensitive data with their systems.

The use of a proxy server can avoid cases of hacking effectively. Proxy server firewalls protect the inflow and outflow of traffic from your site. It helps filter the users that access your site.

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Additionally, proxy servers hide your IP address. When using multiple IPs, the hackers will have a hard time tracking your original IP address. Most hackers use proxies, and you can use proxies as a means of countermeasures against their attacks.

Protects Company Confidential Data

Companies use proxy servers to uphold data security. Proxy servers are used to limit the employees’ internet usage. In the process, the management makes sure that the users’ cannot access any of the sites that carry malware.

Any type of malware can compromise any and all company data as cyber attackers develop it with the sole intention of tampering with sensitive data. Limiting internet usage is a preventive measure against the threat of malware.

The benefit of using proxy servers also extends to remote employees. Companies require their remote employees to connect to the company’s VPN so that their IP will also be protected. As a result, their usage during work hours is also restricted.

Another layer of protection that comes with VPN use is that the company management can verify their users’ access to any of the data. They can double-check if the particular employee has the authority to access and use a specific document.

Aside from protecting the data from external attacks, proxies also protect confidential company data from inside jobs.

Protects Various Internet Transactions

A proxy server also serves as a firewall. A firewall acts as a buffer before you can connect with another website.

When a proxy server is activated, the user and the website at the receiving end are forced to process the data through the server. The buffer in the process helps protect the internal data that should not be exposed to the external dangers of the internet.

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Say, for example, you want to access a website of a particular online shop. Activating a proxy server beforehand will check if the shop’s site is safe to access. If it is, you are sure that if ever you input your credentials to pay, it will not be compromised. And if it is not safe, you can save yourself from imminent danger.

Final Takeaways

A tool that is often affiliated with cybercrime is also one of the most effective tools in countering them.

Proxies and VPNs are practical tools that provide extra blankets of security. It shields your personal data from various cyberattacks, such as hacking and phishing. Aside from protecting personal data, proxy servers are also used in corporate settings to protect their confidential information.

Cybercrimes may happen to anyone at any moment. The ever-growing reliance on social media has made the users somehow complacent with the information they give out. Protect yourself and your credentials.

Have you thought about using proxies to protect your data as you browse through the internet?

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