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5G top 12 use cases as ALTON says ‘5G chapter is just beginning’



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In his presentation at the second quarter Open Forum of the Industry Consumer Advisory Forum (ICAF) for the year 2021 on Thursday, July 29, 2021, Enginner Gbenga Adebayo, chairman of Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), among other things, said that fifth generation technology (5G) will generate great opportunities for the nation’s economy.


Gbenga Adebayo, ALTON Chairman

Adebayo, in his paper presentation titled “Deployment of New Technology for Improved Consumer Experience, 5G Misconception and Conspiracy Theory” looked at the 5G possibilities and use cases which he said “are instructive”.

The 5G top 12 use cases as he explained, are reflected below:

1. Improved data rates

Due to its increased speed (likened to that of broad band) and ultra-high frequencies, more data is moved compared to previous cellular broadband network standards.

Abuja Data School

data analyst

For customers, it translates to5 supply of information much more quickly and in turns increases productivity and efficiency. According to the GSMA:

2. Enhanced Communication capabilities

5G enables increasingly intelligent personal assistant in the cloud providing information and offering on-demand services to Customers.

5G by Ericsson

Connecting People to 5G by Ericsson

3. Connectivity to Edge Computing

5G promises to improve the operations of enterprises through cloud-native 5G networks with strategically distributed computational power allowing for more data to be processed and stored.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing (Photo Credit: The World Economic Forum

In effect, will scale up their use of data for insights and decision making.

4. Sports and Entertainment

5G’s latency efficiencies which result in faster data exchange times, promises improved entertainment experiences at sporting events with options like virtual reality content streaming (higher resolution videos) and augmented reality enabling real-time data insights on players.

Laliga and technology for future of sports

Technology, future of sports and LaLiga

Better crowd control at sporting venues using data analytics and machine learning.

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5. Retail and Product Delivery

5G enables smart manufacturing through the deployment of intuitive, machine-assisted systems which will free-up manpower and manhours for more strategic purposes.

It can empower drone to facilitate product & service delivery to remote and otherwise inaccessible locations

6. Urban Development

5G enables smart buildings, smart homes, and smart cities through the deployment of control systems which use 5G connectivity to intelligently enhance daily activities like parking, traffic control & waste management.

Cityviewer Screenshot – Khayelitsha

Blockchain based real estate – Cityviewer Screenshot – Khayelitsha

This also includes the deployment of autonomous/self-driving vehicles that use the latency and bandwidth of 5G to remain connected to intelligent navigating networks, and by so doing reduce traffic and emissions

7. Agriculture

The increased connectivity which 5G allows for real-time collation of information and sharing of learning/experiences across borders – resulting in enhanced yields and output.

Farms of the future will use more data and fewer chemicals. Taking data from sensors located directly in fields (powered by 5G network), farmers can identify with pinpoint precision which areas need water, have a disease, or require pest management.

Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0

As wearables become less expensive and 5G makes it easier to scale networks containing large numbers of IoT devices, health monitoring for livestock may also emerge.

With more accurate health data, farmers can reduce the use of antibiotics without compromising the safety of the food supply.


8. Security – Video surveillance and analytics

The low latency and high capacity of 5G strongly support enhanced video surveillance and analytics — with mobile and portable cameras providing coverage of previously inaccessible spaces and enabling sharper decision making in nearly any industry.

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Video surveillance is becoming more crucial in Nigeria considering our security challenges.

The use of 5G for video surveillance and analytics will assist our security agencies in the effective monitoring of the environment and provide them with real-time information to proactively mitigate security threats.

9. Manufacturing

Factory floors will be transformed by the convergence of 5G, AI, and IoT. Beyond predictive maintenance that helps control costs and minimize downtime, factories will also use it to control and analyze industrial processes with an unprecedented degree of precision.


Industry manufacturing quality inspection using AR app web

With the connectivity boost provided by 5G, manufacturers can also change traditional quality assurance processes, streamlining them with sensor technology and AI.

10. Logistics

In shipping and logistics, keeping track of inventory is expensive, slow, and difficult. This technology offers the potential for greater communication among vehicles, as well as between vehicles and infrastructure itself.

GIGL, Logistics Electric vehicles

The GIGL electric vehicle for deliveries powered by JET MOTORS

Fleet monitoring and navigation will become significantly easier at scale with 5G. Driver navigation could potentially be powered with an augmented reality system that identifies and flags potential hazards without diverting a driver’s attention away from the road.

11. Immersive Gaming and Virtual Reality

The technology promises a more immersive future for gamers. High-definition live streaming will get a big boost from 5G speeds.

5G gaming will not be tied down to devices with high computing power.

Dr. Eugene Ohu (LBS) wearing VR headset

Dr. Eugene Ohu wearing VR headset, 5G

Dr. Eugene Ohu of LBS, wearing VR headset

Processing, storage, and retrieval can be done in the cloud, while the game itself is displayed and controlled by a mobile device.

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Low-latency 5G will drive major innovation in virtual reality (VR) applications, which depend on fast feedback and response times to provide a realistic experience. These applications are likely to explode in number and sophistication as 5G networks and devices become the new normal.

12. Connected vehicles

The connectivity provided by 5G will improve road travel in several ways making it safer, faster, more energy-efficient, and more enjoyable. The ultimate application will be roads filled with assisted and autonomous vehicles.

5G, Ericsson, Microsoft, Connected Vehicles

the making of a connected car

“The above use cases are not exhaustive as the 5G chapter is just beginning and more Use cases are likely to emerge”, Adebayo said.

He added that as a nation that is keen on developing its digital economy, “we should aim to be part of the 5G evolution journey”.

The ALTON Chair also called on all stakeholders to partner to ensure Nigeria is well-positioned to reap the benefits of the 5G.

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