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Activecode: Ours is about financial freedom through set skills, ICT – Dr Ogumbe

“One of the major reasons I decided to further my studies was because most times a young person starts getting money, they start losing focus; once most of them get into a lucrative business they just feel as if there’s no need for them to pursue their academic career anymore…”



Activecode Business Hub
CEO, Activecode Business Hub, Dr. Theophilus Ogumbe

Dr. Theophilus Ogumbe, an astute businessman in his late 20’s is the Chief Executive Officer of Activecode Business Hub an IT based firm with branches in Abuja, Lagos, Calabar ,UK, USA. A quintessential Financial expert/ analysts, FOREX guru and Mathematician by profession  from the University of Calabar where he obtained both his first degree and his Master’s Degree in Mathematics, he also  holds a  Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from the American Heritage University of Southern California(AHUSC).

In this Interview, Ogumbe who recently bagged a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration explains why it is important for Young people to get higher education, even as they venture into other businesses and become very successful .Amongst other things he gave insight about, Dr Ogumbe says he would still love to become a Professor of Mathematics, as success is a process that cannot be rushed… Excerpts

Who is Dr. Ogunbe Theophilus?

Dr Ogumbe is a financial analyst, a mathematician by profession and a born entrepreneur who has been impacting lives generally.

The core aim of most of the platforms we manage  is to ensure that we affect lives in the most remarkable ways and positively too, which is one of my key passions, even if you make  reference to Activecode Business Hub, you would understand  our services targeted at making sure that people become financially free  through set of skill acquisitions. That’s basically who I am sir. I am about humanity and making sure that young people especially are productive at all times no matter their location or status.

You hold a master’s degree in Mathematics and are still pushing for a PhD, Why ?

One of the major reasons  I decided to further my studies was because most times a young person starts getting money, they start losing focus; once most of them get into a lucrative business they just feel as if there’s no need for them to pursue their academic career anymore and  that’s why they get it wrong .

Few years ago I started my Masters’ from there. I proceeded to get my doctorate just to prove to so many people that I too can be focused even with the birth of many businesses. I still want to become a Professor of Mathematics.

It is pivotal for every young person  aspiring to be successful to have guidance , mentorship ,it’s a veritable relationship.I am grateful to those   who have me as mentors, because I also have mentors ,people who guided me and are still guiding me on my journey .

I want young people and Nigerians to know , that no matter how busy you( they) are, no matter how financially free you are, you could still go for your education and make sure you affect lives because each step you acquire as a human being gives you more open doors for you to be able to manage people.

What are your thoughts on Cryptocurrency from the stables of the CBN?

I must commend the government for the steps they’re taking but we shouldn’t compare ourselves with some of the developing countries who are coming out with their own assets for people to patronize.

Cryptocurrency or crypto

Cryptocurrency or crypto assets management

First, a lot of Nigerians are leveraging the Crypto space, even if you do your research you will discover that Nigeria is part of the key players in the Crypto space. A lot of youths, a lot of people are trading and making some little earnings.

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I had proposed for it to be professionally regulated and to also look at what they (young people) are doing with a view to possibly encourage them even in tertiary institutions so that they can  learn.

Some of persons who are already experts on the side of the government  should go out to see what these young people  are doing and try to understand it then they would be able to know what is best either regulation or our own coin and more ,you must engage young Nigerians ,our solutions must be home grown

We are aware you run an Academy, and you run Master’s Class also, at what point do you think that a student is set to be on his own after going through training…

For instance, we have a new batch that will start on 6th of September; their training will be for two months, after that two months training we don’t just allow you to jump into the financial market, we have mentors that will guide you. After those two months, one month of full mentorship, the 3 weeks of demo, you demonstrate so let’s say within 4 months we can certify you to go into the financial market.

Do you think that entrepreneurs in this aspect have a market and future?

Yes, sure, they do. The financial market is the future entirely, you could see that most people right now…

As I was saying, there will be a time whereby the physical note will not really be in circulation. People will leverage more on the online platform. So, the time is still fresh for us Nigerians to take advantage of the financial sector. This is the biggest platform, the biggest market you could think about in the whole world.

As at last week it was 6.3 trillion dollars, as I speak over 7 trillion dollars that rotate this industry. We have a big platform, big industries on a daily basis. The stock market does about 1.2 billion in a year; we’re talking about 7 trillion dollars rotating on a daily basis, so the market is broad. That’s why, if you do your research you’ll discover that most of the issues we have is because of the market. This is where the big stakeholders stay, this is where no matter how little the  fund you have is , you could literally grow your funds, gradually.

Most young people want to get rich quickly and this has become a big trap. What is your advice? 

First things first, everyone needs mentorship, when you have a mentor, you follow the lifestyle of your mentor and do research; how did this person get to this level, learn from them, you’ll discover that we. We also believe that success is a process, it’s gradual, we are not in a hurry because you cannot rush success, it has stages and we follow due process.

At Activecode for instance it’s one of the keys we teach our students mentorship , and this is not limited to Activecode ,it’s part of our core values .We make sure that get rich quick syndrome is jettisoned from their thoughts and stay because for a journey to succeed there must be a master plan.


Activecode fights unemployment

One of the things we don’t play with is insurance of our business, it’s highly essential especially in the Financial part, at Activecode, we have insurance policies with two of the most biggest insurance firms in the world that certifies the business also and this exclusive of the fact that we also have experts who play vital roles in the company to make sure everything is smooth. So there’s structure which have built over time and we keep improving on it every single day.

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When you look at most young people with the get rich quick syndrome, they don’t have any structure, just ask yourself, what structure these people have, how long have they been in existence.

We enlighten our students , we also tell them that (forex/Financial market) is not a get rich quick avenue, you have to learn, you have to unlearn what you know, you have to learn, you have to be patient but, gradually, gradually, don’t think you’ll just come and start making one thousand, three thousand dollars, no.

No matter how small, even if it’s 10 dollars. 10 dollars in Nigeria is close to five thousand naira, even if it’s 10 dollars you make on a daily basis, you’ll know that in a week you’re able to make so, so, and so much. In a month it’s just like earning a salary, you’re also growing in this field, you’re also getting a percentage in this field which is what we encourage them here at active code business.

As a Mathematician, Forex expert cum businessman what is your Philosophy about success?

Success is a process okay, success is a process and it’s also about being consistent in whatever you find yourself doing. You don’t just jump up and become successful, you grow through  success, you grow to become successful, that’s what I  believe and we do the same at active code which is one of our biggest platforms .

Gradually, based on your experiences in whatever field you find yourself, you start growing, you start learning and unlearning some of the bad stuff you need to drop within the process of going towards your success stage. So success is a process, you don’t just jump into it, you grow and get to that stage and can never be rushed ,no stage or step can be skipped and we only just started  growing by God’s grace.

We learned your Company, Activecode Business Hub is hosting an event soon, can you let us into what is all about ?

Yes, we’re about launching I-code, I-code is one of our solutions, Creedle Pay, some top group solutions we’re bringing out to the  world for people to leverage on  and take advantage of.

So by August we’ll be gathering top companies who are solution oriented in terms of IT, financial platforms so that we can have a forum to  rub minds,  educate , encourage ourselves, it’s going to be massive by August.

The idea at Activecode is to make sure, there are a lot of youths out there who don’t have access to showcase what they have, in terms of their  skills in IT, Creative contents , they have been able to acquire and develop themselves ,we want to bring these people on stage, we want to encourage them, support small medium businesses also, fund some of them and see how we could  partner with them to launch them into  limelight for people to see and know that yes, these People are there.

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That’s just the key aim of this business conference and we have a top brand in Nigeria here and when we come together to educate ourselves, to synergize, we achieve more success instead of everybody being scattered.

What makes Activecode Business Hub different from other platforms in Nigeria?

Activecode is an ICT based firm with a skill acquisition department embedded in the institution whereby we train on both set skills and teach people about financial markets.

We have top class facilities, platforms too, where both young and old people can leverage from and have more confidence in learning.

Apart from the fact that we are certified, we have the Oxford Training Institute Certification here in Active code so after your training you’ll be certified by them too. Also, we have two insurance policies which are from AON, one of the best insurance companies  in the world. We have top institutions that support us in various ways and we have a solid track record, this is why we are different.

Do you have any affiliations with the Crown Prince in the United Arab Emirates?

Yes, we are  trying to hold an investment summit, it will be by September; African investment summit which will be held in Dubai.


The major drive  is to bring top investment companies, top financial institutions, top investors, top big brands, big executives  to come and showcase what they have because there’s an expo coming in Dubai, Dubai 2020 expo which was supposed to hold last year which will be holding by October so we are also taking advantage of all that.

Millions of people would be coming to Dubai, over 25 million investors. So the idea of this conference in Dubai is to bring Africans because they know that Africans  have a lot of showcases  out there but they need to create a platform where most of these top brands can come and showcase what they have, what their impact and capacity is like. Especially how they’ve affected the African community .

Do you think Nigerian Youths are ready to tap into potentials and possibilities of the financial market which is global?

Yes, the youths are ready. Most of the youths are hungry for success, they’re hungry for knowledge, and they’re hungry to make a difference in their lives and in their careers. But the challenge is that there are no organised platforms which is why we created Activecode Business Hub to close such a lacuna and empower bright  young minds who genuinely want to succeed.

The government needs to encourage platforms like ours in terms of training support as encouragement to reach out to more young people . We have trained a lot through our scholarship programmes already ,we still have a long way to go in terms of touching lives.


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