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HUAWEI ID as your gateway to a connected mobile life

A HUAWEI ID is your gateway to premium products and services; a centralised, multi-device, and cloud-based profile, writes CHISOM ADA




Smartphones have radically altered the way that people work, socialise, and entertain themselves.

In addition, Apps, music, series, and streaming movies from your device makes life even better. All of this is possible when you have a HUAWEI ID.

One convenient space for all your data

A HUAWEI ID is your gateway to premium products and services; a centralised, multi-device, and cloud-based profile.

It’s also the one and only login you’ll ever need for all Huawei Mobile Services including Mobile Cloud, AppGallery, Member Center, Health, Themes, Video, and more.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Huawei ID

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

You can also use your this to log into your Mobile Cloud account from anywhere and anytime – simply sync all your data to your new Huawei device.

HUAWEI ID grants you the freedom to explore your phone as much as you like; it really is a hassle-free gateway to all things HUAWEI.

Protect your personal data and privacy

The ID is the ultimate shield protecting your personal data from breach and fraud. With the account protection turned on, HUAWEI will track your account activities for further protection.

When you log into your account from an unrecognised browser and device, you will receive an SMS message from HUAWEI to verify your identity.

 Benefits of using HUAWEI ID

  • You can use your HUAWEI ID to login to HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Wallet, and HUAWEI Game Center and enjoy special deals and offers.
  • You can easily share payment methods, purchases, cloud storage, and more with your family.
  • HUAWEI offers airtight account security, which puts you at ease when browsing the internet.
  • It gives you access to exclusive offers and savings on HUAWEI Member Center and Health.
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Great rewards in store with HUAWEI ID

Rewards are great, especially when they come so effortlessly. Your HUAWEI ID allows you to earn HUAWEI Points, HUAWEI’s virtual currency, which can be used to purchase virtual offerings and value-added services in HUAWEI Apps such as the purchase of an upscale design feature in HUAWEI Themes, deluxe goodies, premium games, other in-App items, and other exclusive extras.

Telecom Subscriber, Internet User, Smartphone

Smartphone User

When you register a HUAWEI-ID, cloud storage will be automatically enabled, and you will be granted 5GB of storage for free.

You can purchase additional storage for a fixed period (for one month, six months or one year) on your Huawei devices. All purchases can only be made via HUAWEI in-App purchases.

To find out more about the ID and how to register, visit the Huawei Mobile Services YouTube page by clicking here

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