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Spotify’s EQUAL Music program roster of African Female Creators grows



Spotify EQUAL Music

Spotify recently launched its global initiative, the EQUAL Music Program, to cultivate gender equality in music and support female creators.

Since then, Spotify has gradually grown its roster of African female creators to join the program across the continent.

Thursday, Spotify announced the addition of RHITA NATTAH to the program. RHITA is a Moroccan singer, songwriter and composer who made her debut with the track ‘Not The Same’ in 2019. The self-taught, independent artist is currently working with producer Samir El Bousaadi on building her music catalogue and is dedicating her time to fulfilling her passion for music.

Inspired by Moroccan traditional music as well as the Reggae and Jazz genres, RHITA lists Amy Winehouse and Queen Omega as some of the voices she fell in love with. She describes her music as a new sound of traditional Moroccan music.

RHITA has been vocal about the challenges she has faced as a creator determined to pursue her music career in a market where the music Industry is almost non-existent. Having always wanted to study music but faced with limited opportunities, her passion and dedication were her driving force to learn more. She taught herself English, how to play the guitar, composing, singing and songwriting.

Spotify’s Head of Music, Sub Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu, adds, “Working with an artist like RHITA NATTAH, truly embodies what EQUAL is about. Presenting the diverse array of brilliant artists from every corner of the continent and the world! We remain committed to levelling the playing field for female creators by giving emerging and established artists equal opportunities on our platform.”

“Women in the music field are generally overlooked and under-appreciated, streaming platforms like Spotify make it easier for us to create freely and be recognised for the art we make as producers, singers, songwriters and sometimes our own managers as well. I can’t thank EQUAL Africa enough for being a big part of this development and for celebrating female musicians in Africa,” says RHITA.

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The EQUAL Music Program is also supported through the EQUAL Hub, a dedicated space to celebrate women creators around the world and help increase awareness of their work among fans. The Hub features a dedicated EQUAL AfricaEQUAL Global and other market-specific EQUAL playlists.

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