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TEG Campus rings technology at the service of African youth



TEG Campus
TEG Campus past edition

TEG Campus, the biggest tech meeting in Africa, returns for a 4th edition on the theme “The Tech Response”

From July 22 to 27 in Equatorial Guinea, the annual TEG Campus event will bring together, and for the 4th year in a row, African players in the world of technology.

TEG Campus

The objective: to value and promote emerging technologies in Africa, while educating and raising awareness of the issues and uses. This event is dedicated to the youth, who wish to provide African solutions to the challenges of the continent.

20,000 visitors expected for the largest annual African technology campus

After two editions in 2018 and 2019, welcoming respectively 2,000 and 7,000 visitors, the 2020 digital edition of the TEG Campus, organized during the Covid-19 pandemic, gathered more than 30,000 visitors, making it the largest annual technological campus on the African continent.

For its 4th edition, a hybrid version of the event, both digital and in-person, from Malabo and Bata, has been designed to allow everyone, despite these uncertain times, to participate in one of the following innovative formats, divided into “thematic zones”:- The « Speakzone » : themed and interactive panels and round tables, bringing together international experts from the world of Tech, to conceive avenues of thorough solutions to the major challenges and issues of the continent.

  • The « LearnZone » : 4 training cycles dedicated to technology for education, or how can new technologies make education for all accessible without interruption?

  • The « LabZone » : individual and group competitions where candidates will have to imagine realistic and lasting solutions to the environmental challenge and to the management of crises and natural disasters.

  • The « GameZone » : a space dedicated to video games, both through e-sport competitions and through series of conferences and dedicated themed workshops.

  • The « TEGCreator » : enabling new generations to create quality content, both in terms of means, tools, and resources, as well as uses and ethics.

  • The « FunZone » : a space dedicated to entertainment, thanks to artistic and sporting performances that will pace these 5 days.

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“Youth & Tech” concept: betting on African youth is betting on the future of the continent

Africa has the youngest population in the world, with more than 400 million young people between the ages of 15 and 35. A single figure that allows us to appreciate the role that the new and future generations of the continent will play, and which shows the necessary involvement of young people in the technological transformation of the continent.

« Youth are Africa’s greatest resource. Their enthusiasm, dynamism, creativity, energy and ability to make the most of innovation can lead to political, economic and cultural transformation on the continent. This is what we need », says Dr Óscar Ondo, Chairman of the TEG Campus Organizing Committee.

TEG Campus aims to be an event 100% dedicated to African youth, both on the matters addressed and in the organization. A pan-African campus that is aimed at conscious, knowledgeable, and informed youth who are determined to commit to their country and their continent. Its goal: to raise awareness, train, and educate young people on the importance of Information and Communication Technologies for the economic and social development of Africa.

For an African Silicon Valley


Dr. Adesina, president of AfDB, 

“The TEG Campus is laying the foundation of what will become the Silicon Valley or should I say the Malabo Forest for IT in Equatorial Guinea”, announces Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank. Because the whole vision of the TEG Campus is there: to participate in the change of narrative around the continent. A conviction that has animated this event for 4 years. Africa is in the best position to envision tangible and realistic solutions, capable of reacting to the challenges of its territories, its economies, and its populations.

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