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Again, Multichoice to increase DStv, GOtv subscription fee in Nigeria, others




MultiChoice, a South African based company, has reportedly planned to increase the subscription fee across all its DStv and GOtv packages in Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, and Tanzania in September 2021.

The report claimed that the subscription prices would increase by 10% with premium packages going as high N21,000, Compact Plus will go above N14,000 and GOtv Max subscription jumping slightly above N4000. gathered that the South African based company had increased the subscription charges in some other African countries over the last 6 months.

Another report noted that the coompany, in a message sent to subscribers, said the Premium bouquet will now cost Sh145,000 (formerly Sh139,000), the Compact Plus tariff plan will cost Sh93,000 (formerly Sh89,000), while the Compact tariff plan will cost Sh51,000 (formerly Sh49,000) for monthly subscriptions.

According to it, MultiChoice Kenya had announced price increases ranging from 5 to 9 percent for DStv and GOtv customers, effective September 1, 2021. Customers on the Premium tariff will pay KES 8,400 per month (formerly KES 7,900), the Compact Plus will increase from KES 4,800 to KES 5,100, while Compact will increase from KES 2,650 to KES 2,800. DStv Family will now cost KES 1,500 (from KES1380) while DStv Access will cost KES 1,050 (from KES1 000).

It was alearnt that Multichoice Uganda had also announced a 6 percent increase in subscription prices for all packages.

Also in South Africa, a 1 – 6 percent price increase took effect on Thursday 1 April 2021 as Premium, Compact, and Compact Plus subscriptions were increased by R10 monthly to become R829, R409, and R529 respectively. The DStv Family package went up from R279 to R295, while DStv Access increased from R110 to R115.

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