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eHealth startup, BYON8, raises $1.5m in Seed funding, to expand reach across Africa



Team BYON8
Team BYON8

Swedish and Kenyan-based health-focused startup, BYON8, has raised $1.5 million in Seed funding.

Led by People Ventures, an early-stage investor focused on tech-driven startups, the funding round included Jellyfish Invest, an existing investor, T&W Holding, a new investor, among several angel investors.

“Having People Ventures lead our Seed round is a great recognition of the work we have done so far and of the continued growth and momentum we are experiencing. This capital will be used to fuel our growth in emerging markets starting with Kenya, ” Josef Murad, Managing Director, CEO and co-founder of BYON8 said.

In 2015, BYON8 was launched by Josef Murad and Matias Murad. Its vision was to digitise the healthcare system, creating a platform where doctors are easily accessible to patients. Leveraging mathematical algorithms and medical AI to convert patient data into calculated diagnosis propositions, the startup strengthens the healthcare processes, making it reachable to everyone, irrespective of financial status.

Appointments can be booked easily via its platform, licensed doctors can be consulted and communicated with via video or built-in chat.

The BYON8 app enables instant connection to medical advice and treatment for patients, while medical professionals are readily available. Also, the platform offers a free symptom checker, where patients can put in their symptoms, getting results on the causes quickly.

So far, the startup has raised over $800,000 in funding and says it has over 3.5 billion patients in its database, with 100,000 rules.

Commending BYON8, Claus Zibrandtsen, managing partner at People Venture said:

“With four billion people living around the world without access to basic healthcare, there is an incredible opportunity for a product like BYON8 to improve access to healthcare. We are incredibly excited to partner with BYON8 and support them on their mission to make healthcare a right, not a privilege.”

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The startup seeks to improve its user-base, increasing access to medical professionals via mobile phones. It intends boosting its growth through partnerships with more experts within the sector.

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