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Enextgen’s Emetrics can assist MNOs reduce FX demand for broadband deployment – Adeyeye



Engr. Aderemi Adeyeye

Engineer Aderemi Adeyeye, the chairman, Enext Wireless Incorporated, has said that the company is prepared to assist Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and telecommunications network equipment vendors with its flagship Emetric solution and technical support for sustained reduction in foreign exchange (forex) demand.

Engineer Adeyeye made the remarks during his presentation on the “Promotion of Indigenous Contents in the Nigerian Telecommunications Sector” at the maiden Policy Implementation Assisted Forum (PIAFo) organised by Business Metrics.

He said that Enextgen Wireless through its Emetrics services and National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR), supports local classification of mobile broadband network quality which is a cost-effective way to engage local enterprises in the mobile broadband communication industry.

In recent years, Nigeria has undergone a cellular revolution with a significant broadband penetration. While a sizable fraction of the Nigerian population relies on mobile networks for day-to-day activities, ongoing performance monitoring is a challenging problem to operators.

To this end, Enextgen Wireless introduced Emetric; a solution that is economically viable for cell site deployment, RF planning, optimization, throughput, latency, cabling and ongoing monitoring of customer experience on 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Accurate visualization of a problem can greatly reduce response time and thus improve customer experience.

In his words: “NIWBQR is a locally-developed mobile network quality reporting  and benchmarking service.

“Public Emetrics is a free locally-developed portal for visualizing the quality of 4G LTE networks in Nigeria

4G LTE deployment

“Proprietary Emetrics is locally-developed platform for deployment and ongoing performance monitoring and optimization of 4G LTE networks in Nigeria

He said these are best of breed platforms for mobile broadband RF deployment and performance optimization exists locally to make Nigeria’s mobile broadband more robust.

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While speaking on their preparedness to work with industry stakeholders, Engr. Adeyeye said: “We are ready to support MNOs, Managed Services vendors and the NCC in substantially reducing FX demand for mobile broadband deployment and ongoing performance monitoring and enhancement.

“You cannot improve what you don’t measure. Benchmarking and quality monitoring is within local capability. Conserve foreign exchange for areas where it is unavoidable.

Sample of Emetrics report – Ibadan

Emetrics Report sample

Application example for Proprietary Emetrics – 2021/08/11 data

Emetrics Report sample

“Salient messages from Emetrics to network operators and subscribers: Aim for good and excellent signals; improvement in high usage areas leads directly to improved revenue from the same infrastructure, and higher customer satisfaction”, he told the MNOs.

He further called on the industry regulator – the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) – to encourage MNOs to use Emetrics for benchmarking and proprietary Emetrics for RF performance measurement and enhancement.

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