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GamesBandy secures $40,000 grant to drive expansion across Continent

Writer: Joan Aimuengheuwa




Founded a little over a year ago, Egyptian-based GamesBandy is thriving well. The gaming startup has received a $40,000 grant from Taqadam, a Middle East and North African startup accelerator.

The startup is a marketplace for gaming accounts and related accessories, making the process safe and secure. Existing gaming accounts can be bought, rather than starting from scratch.

Over 1,500 users from 24 countries across Africa are already leveraging the startup’s services.

The grant will be used to expand its services, increase its user base and attain more goals.

“We are excited and grateful for the funding and grants from Taqadam. Early innovation is vital and we hope to have a great impact on the gaming community,” said Abdulrahman Aboshamah, founder of GamesBandy.

“Early innovation is vital and we hope to have a great impact on the gaming community, ” he added.

Two months ago, the startup secured an undisclosed Seed round led by Flat6labs Bahrain and Tamkeen. And now, its additional achievement will help in building more products and services, including games, market investments, and regional outreach.

Aiming at becoming the number one game trader in Africa, the startup seeks to provide a reliable and safe service where exchange of gaming accounts, among other products will be explicit.

The growth of the gaming company is really impressive. Its uniqueness of allowing gamers swap accounts securely, having in-game goodies, or virtual cash for in-game purchases, making sales of already existing high-level accounts to buyers who would rather not start afresh, makes the startup stand out.

“Gaming is no longer a pastime. Due to the tremendous popularity of gaming throughout the world, many gamers have turned their passion into a lucrative business, and we’re aiming to facilitate that for the gaming community,” said Abdulrahman.

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