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PUTTRU digitalises interface between DFIs and African energy market



Monica Maduekwe, the chief executive officer of PUTTRU speaking at the Investing in Africa forum in London

PUTTRU, a Nigerian technology company, has initiated a digital interface to connect Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) and the African energy market.

The company took the bold step as African countries, especially Nigeria continue to work towards bridging the energy gaps of today and the future.

Part of this initiative, is its recent report: ‘3 Must-Haves For Energy Projects To Attract Investment in Africa’, being downloaded for free at as a means of sensitising stakeholders of the enormous investment opportunities available to projects and innovations in the African energy sector.

Divided into three parts: Why Invest in Africa’s Energy Sector; How to Ensure Investability of Energy Projects in Africa, and What Projects to Get into in Africa, the report is a crystallisation of one-on-one conversations with stakeholders in the energy industry and the funding institutions, and serves as a guidebook for investors and energy project developers on how to design projects that meet funding viability.

PUTTRU, with interests in oil/gas, electric power as well as cooking and transportation was founded by Nigeria’s Monica Maduekwe and Franck Adjagba, a Beninese, with Dr. Sam Amadi, former chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC as advisor.

Maduekwe, a sustainable energy specialist with vast experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency, gender mainstreaming, resource mobilisation and project development, has overseen several multimillion dollar projects, while, Franck Adjagba has earned extensive expertise in business development, strategic planning and profit maximisation, with over 20-years long proven track record, spawning over USD 2 billion worth of financing for Africa’s private sector.

Explaining the report, Monica Maduekwe, the chief executive officer of PUTTRU described its content as profound, insightful and rich with actual examples from key stakeholders on what works in the industry.

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“PUTTRU is delighted to present this report on ‘3 Must-Haves for Energy Projects to Attract Investment in Africa’.

Rather than leaving people with theories, we have presented in this report a pipeline of projects, which is by no means an exhaustive list of projects currently under development in Africa.

However, the relevance of sharing the list is to let players in the energy sector know that they can, unquestionably, put into practice these 3 Must-Haves almost immediately, if they decide to. In reality, our continent’s regional development finance institutions (DFIs) have the funds in place to support the private sector to participate in developing Africa’s energy segment.

In line with what PUTTRU stands for, this report demonstrates our commitment to removing the barriers holding Africa’s energy market back from meeting the current and future energy demands of African countries,” she says.

PUTTRU, with interests in oil/gas, electric power as well as cooking and transportation, is a business facilitation online platform that connects African energy companies to financiers from all over the world; the company has disrupted the traditional capital raising and investment process by cutting through the challenges of bringing investable businesses and serious financiers together.

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