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Rocket launches Rocket Global; a spot, futures and NFT marketplace + ecosystem native token

Rocket Global is set to be launched in November, 2021



Rocket Global

Rocket, a leading fintech Company with operations across various market segments has announced the new phase of their company via a Video announcement by Mr. Chijioke John Odum, CEO of the Group.

According to the announcement, Rocket will be unveiling a series of products and platforms over the next 6 Months including Rocket Global – a Spot, Futures and NFT Marketplace for ta global audience, Rocket Pay – a crypto Merchant Payment Gateway and the ecosystem Native Token, Rocket Global Coin (RCKC).

The exchange is set to be one of the most secured and liquidity sufficient CEFI Exchanges in the world with an aim to continually offer value to the end consumer via global best practices.

Rocket Global Coin (RCKC) is the native Token of the entire Rocket Ecosystem which consists of Rocket by Chiji14xchange (Instant Swap & P2P Exchange in Nigeria), Rocket Global (Futures & Spot Exchange( Rocket Pay (Crypto Payment Gateway), and Rocket NFT Marketplace.

According to the official website of Rocket Global, the platform is a state- of – the – art project set to combine Centralized Finance (CeFi), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Decentralized Commerce (DeCo) to create an ecosystem of value adding products and services to a global audience.

Mr John also indicated that “One of Africa’s largest and most untapped markets is the creator economy. Because of NFTs, creators across art, film, gaming, sports, etc., can monetize their followers and intellectual property (i.e. ideas, copyright). They can have royalties and revenue streams across multiple assets. They can leverage their work to earn interest or borrow capital to create even more value and that is why we are excited to be able to create a Global NFT Market place with local focus”.

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Rocket by Chiji14xchange is one of Africa’s leading crypto exchanges, with over 400% growth in user base in the last 18 Months.

Rocket offers you a simple, secure and seamless crypto trading experience.

Rocket Global is set to be launched in November, 2021. Further information is available on the official website HERE

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1 Comment

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