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Which are the top digital skills tech companies are looking for today?

Improving digital literacy is essential for boosting new economies, according to a UNESCO, reports Joan Aimuengheuwa



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In order to advance digital transformation within businesses around the world, having a good command of new technologies is becoming increasingly important for professionals across all sectors.

Whether you have digital skills could be the difference between getting a good job or being left behind with an incomplete CV.

Digital skills are defined as a spectrum of skills that facilitate the use of digital devices, communication applications and networks for accessing information and being able to manage them effectively.

These skills can allow you to create and exchange digital content, communicate and collaborate, as well as solving problems with a view to achieving effective and creative development in life, work, and social activities in general.

A UNESCO report observes that in order to boost newly digitized economies, it is necessary to improve digital literacy in both businesses and governments.

Justly, professionals who reinvent themselves and acquire new skills in line with market needs play a key role in organizations looking to succeed and elevate their potential to the next level.

But which skills are most sought after by businesses?

  • Digital knowledge. This refers to the ability to cope professionally and personally with the digital economy. These people are able to effectively use digital tools, understand the multimodality of new digital media and benefit from these resources to promote reflective thought, creativity, and innovation.


  • Information management. The ability to look for, obtain, evaluate, organize, and share information in digital contexts in a safe way for the organization. Through the information domain, the professional can obtain relevant data, resources, and services in real time that allow them to achieve their objectives. Furthermore, they will be able to save and store the required information in an organized way to go about their daily tasks. This not only generates relevant knowledge but also provides business intelligence and competitive analysis. This not only generates relevant knowledge but also provides business intelligence and competitive analysis.
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  • Digital communication. Communicating, networking and collaborating in an agile and efficient way with digital tools and environments. This ability allows them to participate in digital forums, share experiences and establish new relationships and professional contacts. The professional will be able to implement strategies that bring value to the organization without technological barriers preventing its development.


  • Lifelong learning. The ability to manage autonomous learning and understand and utilize digital resources. It involves taking programs and qualifications to stay updated about their specialty or field of expertise. This decision will improve efficiency and increase the competitiveness of the business in the market. In addition, it facilitates information exchange and promotes innovation.


  • Strategic vision. Trying to understand the digital phenomenon and incorporating it in the strategic direction of the organization’s projects. Through this ability, professionals can promote concrete actions to encourage the circulation of information and have a general perspective to be able to identify strategic objectives and create actions to reach them.
President elev8 education

María Balbás, president of elev8 education

“We often think that digital transformation is just a technological term, but we forget that it is a matter of vision, strategy, organizational culture and process redesign. These digital skills are indispensable for professionals to reach their goals, improve their performance, promote areas for collaboration and consequently explore new business opportunities. In addition, it entails a higher salary and even allows them to rise in their organizations”, explains María Balbás, president of elev8 education.

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