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13 reasons eSprayMe app is ideal for event management



eSprayMe Fisayo Olamigoke
Fisayo Olamigoke, founder of

eSprayMe website and mobile application went live barely four days ago with promises to revolutionize the world of event management through virtual conferencing.

it is a product of eSprayMe Incorporation, headquartered in Texas, USA, and invented by Nigerian-American Information Technology expert, Fisayo Olamigoke.

eSprayMe app

In this article, brings to you 13 reasons eSprayMe app is ideal for event management:

  1. Monetary gifts are transferred securely, eliminating the spraying of fake currencies on artistes, comedians, celebrants, and the diabolical spraying of cash.
  2. On eSpayMe, guests can attend from anywhere in the world.

  3. Hosts can live stream events from eSpayMe to their social media platforms.

  4. The eSpayMe platform ensures adherence to government regulations on War Against Defacing and Abusing the currency, while giving subscribers the opportunity to virtually spray money at events.

  5. eSpayMe enables subscribers hold social and corporate events online via Hologram technology.

  6. eSpayMe ensures security by eliminating the need to carry large sums of cash at event locations, and prevents money lauding.

  7. The eSpayMe platforms creates jobs for eSprayMe event Engineers (EEE) to manage and set up the holographic equipment at different event locations worldwide.

  8. eSpayMe presents more business opportunities for merchants selling goods & services and shoppers buying from eSprayMe e-Store.

  9. Companies and individuals are able to advertise their goods and services during and after events.

  10. Local and foreign currencies can be sprayed on eSpayMe.

  11. eSpayMe gives hosts the option to customize their event based on themes.

  12. eStore allows merchants sell new and used event items and services.

  13. Hosts and guests would receive reports after the event.

Fisayo Olamigoke, the founder, said that platform offers time and cost savings of organizing and attending events, as users can navigate from one event to another on the eSprayMe web and mobile app.

In his words: “Users would be notified of public events holding within their location, and would have the option to attend virtually.

Celebrants have the option of holding events that are open to the public, or creating a personalized invite link to selected guests only.

Now, go and use eSprayMe!

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