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e-Government Summit 2021: How we embraced technology to drive revenue generation – FIRS chairman



Muhammad Mamman Nami, Executive Chairman of Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service

Muhammad Mamman Nami, Executive Chairman of Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service said the FIRS has embraced technological advancement by implementing a range of ICT initiatives to drive revenue generation in order to sustain national development.

Nami explained that the current trends in tax administration digitization suggest that to achieve effective voluntary compliance, implementation of these technologies must be complimented with the adoption of compliance improvement models.

The FIRS chiarman made this known at the e-Government Summit 2021 that was held at Sheraton Hotel in Lagos on Wednesday with the theme: e-Government Adoption in Nigeria: Opportunity and Challenges.

He said: “Technological advancement, changing global rules and regulations, growing demands of citizens amongst others, have brought about a lot of changes to the way things are across the spectrum – be it in the Private Sector, Public Sector; or Educational Institutions.

“For Government and its Ministries, Departments and Agencies, the way they interact with stakeholders at large and deliver at the right time and quality.

That is why the theme of this summit – “eGovernment Adoption in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges” is timely and could not have been a better choice.”

Speaking on the service’s experience in this digital era, Nami said: “I must share that FIRS is not ready to be left behind in this wave of transformation.

“Hence, it has been undergoing transformation to tackle the demands by re-engineering its processes and adopting emerging technologies to improve taxpayer experience; Page 2 of 4 strengthen the institution, increase its revenue generation capability and ultimately economic development of Nigeria.

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“However, for any organisation, institution, or government to gain from the benefits of adopting ICT, technology must be implemented and used effectively.

“This is why the transformation to use of ICT to provide services by government – e-government is slowly gaining ground across the world.


“This discourse today, therefore highlights the intrinsic nature of Technology and Effectiveness as it relates to Government organisations and Africa’s development.

“Now and more than ever before, funding good governance and socio-economic development is the main focus of national development.

“Technology wave is one of the key trends impacting tax functions. It is resulting in the Transformation of tax policies – newer tax laws because of the new ways of doing business, digital economy and tax authorities going digital by adopting Digital Tax administration.

“Nigeria has had to increase income generated through taxation from other sources, other than oil, amidst dwindling oil prices. From 2015, FIRS revenue generating capability in the non-oil sectors of the economy has improved immensely and Technological advancement has played a key role in ensuring and sustaining this performance.

Commenting on the benefits of adopting eGovernment framework in FIRS, he said: “So far adopting eGovernment framework in FIRS, the benefits of adopting e-Government framework in FIRS has been immense.

“Online filing of taxes by taxpayers; Easy remittance of taxes by taxpayers; Accountability in tax administration; Improved service delivery to taxpayers; Increased Revenue generation capability; Smooth and automatic exchange of data and information; Improved technology-based compliance control;

“Simplified reports for planning and decision making; Reduced cost of enforcing compliance; Enhanced staff efficiency; Improved provision of an enabling environment for Nigerian businesses and economic viability and growth of FIRS and the Nigerian are some of the gains of eGovernment for FIRS, amongst others.”

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