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Infinix launches ZERO X Pro, ZERO X . Users stand to win a phone in photography campaign



Infinix ZERO X Pro
Infinix ZERO X Pro

Global smartphone company, Infinix, has launched the new ZERO X Pro at an exclusive event in at Radisson Blu Ikeja.

The launch event themed #SeeBeyond, show in attendance Key tech, photography and lifestyle experts including Tobi Ayeni (Miss Techy), TYBello, George Okoro, Alex Ekubo and Osas Ighodaro.


TYBello with Infinix ZERO X Pro

The Newly unveiled device comes in three colour variants of Nebula Black, Starry Silver and Tuscany Brown, and is equipped with cutting edge camera features that capture visuals outside of the norm, including super moon-mode, night-selfie mode, periscope lens and a powerful hybrid zoom. The device which is considered an affordable luxury has set the stage for a whole new era of smart phone technology.

An important inspiration behind the design and features of the new Zero X series was derived from human’s desire to do the extra ordinary, to be more to strive of the impossible: be it man’s first footsteps on the moon or inventions that solve global issues.

The need to see beyond, this is the driving factor that has led to the development of this product.

Infinix ZERO X Pro

Faces at the launch of Infinix ZERO X Pro and ZERO X smartphones

Speaking at the launch, Kevin Olumese, PR manager, Infinix Nigeria said, “The Zero X series is an amazing addition to the Infinix Family, we are proud of its photography and gaming capabilities. We know every user who purchases the device will be equally amazed.”

Attendees of the event also had the opportunity to gain expert advice from photography experts TY Bello and George Okoro, on how to get into a creative mindset and learn how the ZERO X Pro smartphone enables users to capture impeccable images of nature and lifestyle. The innovative device, which is part of the new ZERO X Series, bridges the gap between smartphone cameras and professional imaging.

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“It is quite exciting to see a phone that can capture the moon. You can see beyond and gaze at the stars just like you would with a telescope. I’m intrigued to see what infinix is going to do next,” TY Bello said.

As part of the launch campaign initiatives Infinix and Royal Observatory Greenwich recently embarked on a corporate partnership to introduce the ZERO X Series to a global audience. During the event, technology KOL, The Tech Chap demonstrated the power of the smartphones’ “Super Moon Mode” by showcasing his experience using the ZERO X Pro’s high-performance camera technology. The audience were treated with a juxtaposition of a portrait of the moon that was shot through a telescope, and another using the ZERO X Pro smartphone.

“Technology is all about innovation and pushing boundaries, both in terms of new features and also accessibility with how affordable it is,” said The Tech Chap. “The flagship ZERO X Pro offers a great all-round experience and its impressive camera setup literally, and figuratively, shoots for the moon!”

With the See Beyond event and corporate partnership with the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Infinix continues its mission towards creating a world that allows for the next generation to explore the universe and discover the endless possibilities that are ahead of them.

The cutting-edge technology integrated into Infinix’s ZERO X Pro is the beginning of what the brand aims to achieve in its journey towards closing the gap between smartphone technology and stunning photography.

Through this device, Infinix seeks to empower today’s youth to pick up their smartphone and create something visually incredible.

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Design Features:

Zero X comes with Ultra-frame design. This entails three things:

Infinix Zero X Pro 

The Nebula Black uses unique elements combined with industry-leading Dual-Glass and High-Precision Nanolithography technology to bring the concept of safari and galaxy into the back cover design that users can touch and feel.

Tuscany Brown takes the famous European scenery as inspiration, and gives people the perception of cool summer, and uses Fiber Glass material to improve the mechanical strength. Then, the fiberglass is covered with a layer of brand new composite material.

“This mobile phone is lighter, thinner, and more durable and has a delicate feel. In fact, Zero X is visually stable. The introduction of new Fiber Glass materials also symbolize the spirit of exploration that Infinix brand is associated with and continuous breakthroughs carried forth by the ZERO series”, the PR Manager added.

Camera Features

Infinix ZERO series has taken camera features to a very new height. And the testament by Toyin Sokefun-Bello, better known as TY Bello; a Nigerian singer, songwriter, photographer and philanthropist, tells it all.

During a demo by TY Bello, she highlighted the camera features as:

Periscope | Super Zoom

The ‘telescope’ into the mobile phone, especially the ZERO X Pro, is equipped with an 8M periscope lens, which can achieve 5 times optical zoom and up to 60 times hybrid zoom.

“I tested this phone’s camera and can tell you that Infinix is the world’s first brand capable of achieving a 100 times continuous zoom system on an MTK 4G chips. So whether you are looking to capture the scenery of a nature or view a live programme on stage from a distance, no place is too far with the ZERO X Pro.

AlexXOsas Infinix

The compere: Osas Ighodaro brandishing the stylish Infinix ZERO X Pro alongside Alex

“When I tested the camera from the 8th floor of a building, the picture was awesome”, she said.

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The ZERO X Pro also comes with Galileo Algorithm Engine which empowers the device with a 5 times periscope lens and the self-developed engine of Infinix so that the smartphone can also observe the moon.

Infinix’s Galileo Algorithm Engine takes smartphone camera capability to the next level and takes users a step closer to seeing the moon up close. The technologies that come together to create a clearer shooting effect include: Lunar exposure and focus looking system; moon revolution elimination algorithm; Lunar detail protection algorithm and AI deep learning algorithm.

Price of Infinix ZERO  X Pro in Nigeria

Zero X

The Zero X series will vary in price across regions and will retail in Nigeria for N151,000 for the Zero X and N187,000 for the Zero X pro.

First 500 people to buy the Infinix Zero X or Infinix Zero X Pro get a gift box worth 10k and 7Gb instant data reward from 9mobile.

Meanwhile, gathered that Infinix Nigeria is launching a photography campaign. The winner(s) will get the newly launched ZERO X phone!

Details are still sketchy, but as a global brand that takes care of the fans, Infinix will give more details.

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