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iXpand Mini Flash Drive . The answer to Apple users’ problem



iXpand Mini Flash Drive

I must say that this external storage is the answer to the one problem we Apple smartphone users have had i.e. extra storage.

Over time I’ve had to constantly delete apps sometimes pictures / memories I hold dear to accommodate new ones.

But knowing fully well now that I can easily back up whatever file I want to with so much ease and without need for the internet, is bliss!

The ease of use … amazing, The speed of transfer SHOCKING!

Technology is advancing so rapidly these days — and we rely upon it so readily — that that we hardly notice remarkable innovations anymore.

The iXpand Mini Flash Drive is one of those things we may have missed. Honestly, I expect this device to get more hype than it’s getting.

The iXpand Mini Flash Drive in Details

  • Storage Capacity: 32GB / 64GB /128GB / 256GB
  • USB Type: USB 3.0
  • Connectors: Lightning; USB-A
  • PC/Mac computer compatibility: Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Mac OS X v10.9 and higher
  • Mobile device compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9″, iPad Pro 9.7″ iPad with Retina display, iPod 5th Generation and newer, with Lightning connector and iOS 8.2+.

SanDisk flash

Using The iXpand Mini Flash Drive

I took a look at the 32 GB capacity. When we plugged it into a Windows 10 laptop, it made the typical audio prompt and opened a file manager window to reveal the contents of the drive as you would expect with a flash drive in a PC.

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With the PC it works like every other USB drive. You are likely interested to see how the dual drive works with an iPhone.

Using iXpand Mini Flash Drive With iXpand Drive App

If you are familiar with the iPhone, you might imagine that without an app, the iXpand Mini flash drive would not work on an iPhone.

At first, when the drive was plugged into the phone, a message – ‘App Not Installed’ pooped up. We had to install the iXpand Mini flash drive app to use the drive.

The drive is essentially a tool for backing up, transferring, and managing images, videos, and files between your iPhone, iPad, and computer.

It also allows you access to your iPhone’s file system (at least a part of it), allowing you to move files around and copy and paste just like on a computer or an Android phone.

It’s a great deal to be able to access your files on an iPhone. Albeit, Apple introduced a Files app, but it only gives you limited access to your iDevice’s files.

iXpand Mini Flash Drive

The app’s primary function is to help you manage your files across Apple’s iCloud Drive and third-party cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

You’ll need to install an app that allows you to access your local files on your device. That’s where the iXpand Flash Drive application comes in.

In conclusion

An easy 10/10! Would recommend it to anyone. You can buy it at Jumia | Amazon

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