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Leaked images suggest GIGM, GIG Logistics to integrate crypto wallet into apps



GIG Logistics Crypto wallet

GIG Mobility is a co-subsidiary with the delivery Giant, GIG Logistics under the GIG Group.

GIGL has enormous presence ground all over Nigeria and has made inroad to international routes like Ghana, US, UK, etc.

An insider in GIG Mobility said that the company’s mission is to enable freedom to move and do for its community of users.

GIG Mobility has been innovating around a number of things and soon we are going to launch Crypto Wallet integrated into GIG Mobility app. The collective goal of GIGM is to make life easy for its people using technology; of course, the freedom to move and transact easily using technology”.

GIG Logistics Crypto wallet

From the hints from our source, the digital asset like cryptocurrency fits into the company’s mission.

GIGM is notable for constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of the people.

Definitely, digital wallets are the future of payments. When store, pre-paid, charge, debit, and credit cards were introduced, it changed the payment space. However, the era of plastic payment cards is likely to end as consumers are now opting for digital wallets and payments for various transactions like subscriptions, top mobile, shopping, paying bills, etc.

Also known as e-wallets, digital wallets are a software-based payment system that stores the payment information and passwords of the user that are used for various payment methods.

With the help of the e-wallet, you can make purchases quickly and easily with near-field communications technology.

In new markets that are primarily unbanked, low barriers to financial services and information, mobile network and internet infrastructure development, and high growth of the smartphone development rate have facilitated the transition from physical monies like cash to digital wallets.

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While there is a bit of reluctance when it comes to switching, the improvement in speed and convenience, and the current generation slowly adapting to the digital era, there has been a significant boost in the adoption of digital wallets.


GIGM and GIG Logistics will actually score another first if they integrate a crypto wallet into their applications.

We gathered from our source, that this may be the first of many non-related travel services to come on its app.

Kudos to the innovative team at GIG Mobility and GIGLogistics for stepping into the future as we anticipate the launch.

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