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Respay: Tech company launches property management app solution



From Left to Right: Prof. Adeniran Oluwaranti, OAU ; Barr. Tunde Ogundare, Respay Director; Mr Adedotun Fasiku, Respay CEO; Mr Emmanuel Adeoye, Respay CFO; Milan Rathore, Telecom Regional Sales; Dr J J Udofa, CEO, Supra Capital Limited, Barr. Daniel Omotilewa, Respay Director

A tech company has launched an application called Respay; an industry-leading software developed to streamline property management operations such as rent collection, lease management, rent and sale marketing, maintenance tracking, property audit reports, escrow of refundable deposits, among others.

Adedotun Fasiku, chief executive officer at Respay, made the disclosure to stakeholders in Lagos on Wednesday, September 22.

Fasiku explained that the application offers a platform where all real estate stakeholders can transact and interact with utmost peace of mind.

According to him, Respay was developed from in-depth research into the functional requirements of the property owner and portfolio manager, tenant and home buyer, facility manager, estate association, Utility company, Lawyer and Agencies.

In his words:

“We offer a multi-role platform that allows each user to perform multiple roles. A typical user may own properties but choose to rent where he currently stays. Our industry-leading software was developed to address the challenges of stakeholders in the real estate space. You can use Respay to manage your property portfolio, listing, application,tenant screening, invoicing, payment, accounting, budget reports and more”.

He also said that “Respay allows landlords run their property business remotely and be more efficient. We offer benefits like online collection of sales proceeds, rent and other bills directly into your bank account in Nigeria, UK, US, Europe and Canada with our multi-currency options. The application is designed to help you automate your real estate management processes seamlessly”. 

Respay also help landlords run comprehensive background checks on application to guide them towards choosing the right tenants.


Their proprietary screening system obtains and analyze data relating to the applicants’ credit, capacity, rental, character, eviction, and criminal history. They generate tenancy scores useful for rental and financial markets.

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Also speaking at the launch, Emmanuel Adeoye, chief financial officer at Respay, said: “We took a lot of time researching the market, to understand some of the challenges faced by the user groups, from property owners to property managers and facility managers that can be addressed with simple process automation and that is what we have just done. We will constantly build upon what we have as we continue to engage with all stakeholders”.

He assures users of the quality of staff within the Respay team, as they are competent professionals with the ability to handle users’ investments with the best standard.


They are also very keen on security, so your data is safe and private.

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