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Sophos, to host ‘State of Ransomware 2021’ Webinar in Nigeria



Sophos webinar

Sophos, a UK company primarily focused on providing security software in conjunction with has announced September 23, 2023 (10.00 AM WAT) as the date for the ‘State of Ransomware’ webinar.

A snippet of the Sophos’ report shows that Ransomware attacks have doubled since the first half of the year and are targeting over 50% of organizations globally.

According to the organizers, the webinar will explore: Which countries and industries are most affected by ransomware; how often attackers successfully encrypt their victims’ data; the financial cost of ransomware, including the actual ransoms paid; the crucial information attackers omit when issuing ransom demands.

Speaking ahead of the webinar, Peter Oluka, editor at said it has become imperative to keep IT professionals abreast with the current and ever-evolving sophisticated tactics deployed by cybercriminals.

He said participants will discover the strategies that enable some IT managers to feel confident they won’t fall victim to ransomware in the future.

“Criminal activities in cyberspace are now rampant and the strategies deployed are becoming sophisticated. And to be able to combat these ransomware attacks, all IT professionals must be on their toes by paying close attention to cybersecurity.”

Providing insight on how cybercriminals launch their attacks, Oluka said hackers send different types of cyberattacks and Ransomware is arguably the most common.

He mentioned that Ransomware involves malware. “It could be a mere link that is sent to your device, once you click on the link, the malware is downloaded to your device.

“Let’s say, before the attack, you were the Chief Cybersecurity Officer in an organization that has strong IT infrastructure, what would you do? No, an IT professional wants to be in this mess because that is exactly where the real problem starts.

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“The malware holds your company’s data hostage, locking users out or rendering it indecipherable through encryption until your company pays a ransom to restore that information. “


The organisers: Sophos and, said that participation is FREE however you are required to pre-register through this the Link HERE

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