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APPLY: Xend Finance launches ‘Xend Launchpad’ investment opportunities for startups in blockchain

Ultimately, this innovation will bring to awareness, the potential of Blockchain in Africa, which can be used to build billion-dollar companies.



Xend Launchpad by Xend Finance
Xend Launchpad by Xend Finance

Solving the problem of limitations placed on Blockchain solutions in Africa, where even recognised related projects are only focused on cross-country payments, Xend Finance has launched an innovative solution, ‘Xend Launchpad’.

The goal of creating Xend Launchpad is to help identify and connect Blockchain-related projects with a community that will help bring these ideas to life. 

There are also great investors from Africa who want to invest in blockchain projects at early stages but do not have the exposure. This is also another major reason we have created this launchpad.”

The Xend Launchpad is a springboard for projects seeking to launch via sales of physical hardware devices, digital assets (including NFTs), or token sales.

By staking and holding $XEND tokens, investors (which is accessible to all) can gain early access to the same top projects that are normally only available to top venture capitalists.”

Projects to be listed and hosted by Xend Launchpad, would undergo thorough due diligence to ensure they meet high standards and have an excellent chance of success with Xend Finance’s community support.

Important factors to be considered for the upcoming projects include:

  • Promising project development roadmap

  • Potential for large-scale adoption

  • A dedicated and experienced team

  • Ability to benefit the expansion of a broader crypto ecosystem

Features of Xend Launchpad

Device Holders Offering (DHO): Device Holders Offering is a fundraising mechanism where eligible investors in a particular project invest in a project’s offerings by pre-ordering the physical items produced by the project, and in turn, they will get tokens and other perks being offered by the project. 

This is a relatively new concept to initial offerings on the blockchain, which will allow projects building physical hardware devices connected to the blockchain to raise funds by pre-order sales of these devices.

NFT Sales Launchpad: Projects that want to launch using NFTs based on the concept of initial coin offerings, can launch their project by offering a set of limited edition non-fungible tokens for sale via Xend Launchpad. 


The NFT market is getting very popular and the NFT Launchpad rises as a solution to incentivise and reward investors and the communities. The NFT Sales Launchpad empowers participating investors to benefit from the inherent supply scarcity of the NFTs, as well as other perks; tokens offered by the projects.

Multi-Chain Support: Xend Finance supports Binance Smart Chain out of the box. It will soon support other Blockchains with flexible pool types and whitelist conditions. Projects will be able to choose the Blockchain which they want to launch on.

How to apply 

To participate in this innovation and thrive beyond limitations, creating solutions with Blockchain across various sectors, apply to get started.

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​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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