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Converge II: Pan-African Blockchain & Crypto meetup holds next month




It is no doubt that blockchain as an innovative technology continues to find its way into every facet of life on the African continent, therefore its capacity to impact our everyday life can’t be underestimated considering how individuals, organizations and governments are beginning to jump on this moving train.

Following a successful outing of the virtual maiden edition of Converge, a quarterly Pan-African Blockchain & Crypto Meetup organized by, the media platform is set to hold the second edition of the program.

Register here to attend.

According to the Founder and Coordinator of Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Chuta Chimezie, blockchain technology, is one of the most disruptive technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

“Every other technology plays on top of the Internet Protocol, but blockchain technology has to have another layer of protocol, which is a p2p layer. So it’s an addition on top of the Internet Protocol and that makes it very unique, extremely, unique in terms of disrupting, completely transforming the way we do businesses, the way we interact with one another, and the way we share information and value across the internet.”

The Converge Meetup is an important conversation in the blockchain industry for the development of a healthy ecosystem and that’s why believes that this emerging technology will be instrumental to the continent’s development.

This second edition with the theme ‘e-Naira, and Crypto, Implications on the Nigerian Economy’  will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, at 11 am (WAT).

The event is a quarterly Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem that aims to expose the ongoing innovations in the ecosystem and it is supported by key ecosystem partners such as Remita, Convexity, BNUG, Domineum & SIBAN.

All interested participants can register here.

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