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Do you often visit sacred sites? See how to get featured by the United Nations

Submit your story and get a chance to be featured by the United Nations



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Heritage site located in Nigeria

Do you have a favorite religious site? Do you often visit sacred sites? The United Nations wants to hear from you!

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), the leading UN entity on dialogue between cultures and religions, is launching a global call to action to inspire people around the world to join a movement to protect and safeguard religious sites #forSafeWorship.

This global movement is meant to engage the global community in celebrating the universality of religious sites as symbols of our shared humanity, history, and traditions.

Share your story today and make your voice be heard! Shoot a short video (1 to 3 minutes) with your smartphone and tell us about your personal connection to a religious site (why does it matter to you? Why is it important to protect it?…).

Submit your findings at sacred sites today at this address by visiting the website or post it on your social media accounts and tag @forSafeWorship.

The authors of the most compelling stories will have a chance to:

  • Have their videos featured online on a global UN platform.

  • Have access to a global audience.

  • Have their videos screened, distributed, and streamed all over the world.

  • Be featured in global events related to the protection of religious sites.

  • Be featured on UNAOC’s social media platforms and digital assets.

  • Get distribution opportunities and more!


UNAOC brings stories of solidarity and compassion amid the current pandemic from its global community of alumni and programme participants. As the world grapples with this new reality, we are reminded that we can only overcome this together as #OneHumanity.

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