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FintechNGR unveils DigiStuds Initiative for students in Nigerian universities

Now to the fifth industrial revolution, the first revolution Africa is participating in, searching for solutions and this goes across the world — Bajomo



Ade Bajomo, president, Fintech Nigeria
Ade Bajomo, president, Fintech Nigeria

Officially launched on the first day of the 5-day Nigeria Fintech Week which kicked off on Monday, October 25, 2021, Digital Academy Project for students of public tertiary institutions in Nigeria (DigiStuds) is set to impact young minds.

The goal of DigiStuds is to bridge the gap between innovative individuals, ready to take advantage of the fast-changing world of technology and organisations that require such talent to scale.

Designed to include students, the initiative has so far received applications from over 2000 people and will run year-on-year.

On the role of academia in breeding digital talents, Prof Charles Arizechukwu Igwe, VC, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, noted the effects of systems, resources and devices in enhancing digital transformation which in turn, affects our daily lives.

The creation and practical use of computerised devices and systems, including social media, video games, mobile phones, among others are being applied in businesses through the invention of the internet. There is a growing need for experts to use this to solve real-life problems,” he said.

He further stated that Academia needs to leverage the digital transformation by building the manpower needed in industries. 

We need an environment that can develop both the soft and hard tech talents as they are needed to develop today’s world. This further brings about the need for innovation centres and tech hubs in tertiary institutions.”

In partnership with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Fintech Nigeria funds DigiStuds, which will empower Nigerian undergraduates and graduates to become locally relevant and competitive.

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Expressing her delight, Prof. Geraldine Ugwuonah,
programme coordinator, UNN SAP University Alliance, emphasised the importance of the partnership; grooming the young generation to be a part of the evolving ecosystem, where innovation continues to grow in Nigeria.

Prof. Geraldine Ugwuonah, Programme Coordinator, UNN SAP University Alliance

Prof. Geraldine Ugwuonah, programme coordinator, UNN SAP University Alliance

She encouraged the young generation to embrace the current development, stay involved and thrive towards achieving excellence.

DigiStuds offers learning skills in Web design, Mobile development, Backend development, JavaScript, Frontend development, Ops, Product design, Digital Business Models, Data Analysis, Cyber Security, Robotics, Process Automation, Blockchain, among others.

The programme includes online and offline sessions, and thereafter, certificates would be given at the end of the year. To top it all, excellent performers would be given employment in recognised companies.


Adedipo Olagbeji, CEO, Spark IT, commended the new development of Fintech Nigeria working with Academia.

Adedipo Olagbeji, CEO, Spark IT

Adedipo Olagbeji, CEO, Spark IT

By 2030, 75% of jobs would require digital skills. Nigeria needs to take advantage of this opportunity to train young minds from now on so we are not left out later on. Tech skills are in high demand every day and DigiStuds initiative is giving out an opportunity that should be taken adequate advantage of.”

Ade Bajomo, president, Fintech Nigeria, who officially announced the launch of DigiStuds, said the fifth industrial revolution is the first Nigeria is taking part in ever since the first.

75% of jobs would have an atom of digitalisation in the nearest future, all businesses are now digital. The challenge is for you and me to develop those talents. Some of the best talents are from Africa,” he said.

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Bajomo mentioned that a high rate of research is needed to empower Nigeria and three key points are needed for initiatives like DigiStuds to scale:

  1. To keep being relevant, you have to start with the basics. Keep building real technologies – AI, analytics, among others 
  2. Our people have to be trained to the highest levels 
  3. Our industries must actually employ these people 

​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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