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Kalibotics to host AI Chessbot Expo, showcase new technologies



Kabolitics' product

Kalibotics, an impact-oriented robotics company, has announced plans to host an AI fest and readies to showcase new technologies.

Founded in 2019, Kalibotics builds Intelligent Robotics and Artificial Intelligence systems, autonomous drones, smart robots with features such as obstacle avoidance, line-following, and object detection; Robot Manipulators; and Smart Farming systems.



During the event tagged ‘AI Chessbot Expo‘ holding on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at Ventures Park, 5, Kwaji Close, Wuse – Abuja, Nigeria, a team of experts will help participants understand how to take advantage of the ongoing global technological revolution known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which entails the emergence of fields such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3-D printing, and Quantum Computing.

Through this platform, Kalibotics aims to pull Africa from the rare to the fore of this innovation.

Interestingly, Kalibotics is a major proponent of the 4IR narrative. The company has created an AI Chessbot Expo that demonstrates the immense potential of 4IR technologies. 

Robotics technologies have become important tools that influence every aspect of life and have the potential to improve lives and work practices, enhance levels of service, and increase efficiency & safety levels. 

“Kalibotics is an impact-oriented robotics company driven to bring about positive economic and social change in Africa”, Mayowa Abejirin, c0-Founder and CTO, Kalibotics, reiterated. “our ambition is to improve the standard of living of Africans and bring millions of people out of poverty through the application of Robotics in Agriculture, Education, Security and Manufacturing”.

Kalibotics’ new technology 

Kalibotics AI Chessbot Expo is a unique game of chess between two entities. Asides being the first of its kind in Nigeria, it is made up of a fully autonomous robotic arm that can beat the best chess players at their game.

The robotic arm can see the chessboard and read moves just as a human being would, and is able to pick up chess pieces, seamlessly placing them on appropriate boxes in the chessboard.

Technologies used in developing the Kalibotics AI Chessbot 


In the development of the new innovation, Kalibotics utilised the following technologies:


Kalibotics exploited the co-mingling of science, engineering and technology to produce the Kalibotics AI Chessbot, which is an intelligent chess playing robot.

The robot receives data from the computer vision and chess modules, and then uses inverse kinematics calculations to precisely position its end effector in 3D space during the chess match.

Artificial Intelligence

The Kalibotics AI Chessbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence. AI gives the chessbot the ability to process visual data and make human-like chess moves.

Computer Vision

The Chessbot uses computer vision to determine the current state of the chessboard, track movement of chess pieces, and interface with the chess module to determine where the Kalibotics AI Chessbot should place the chess piece next.

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry pi is a linux-based single board computer. It runs the kinematics, chess, and computer vision modules of the Chessbot and is technically the brain of the Kalibotics AI Chessbot.


3D Printing

The chess pieces used in Kalibotics AI Chessbot Expo were 3D printed in the Kalibotics lab.

On Kalibotics achievements so far, the company has raised Angel funding of $20,000 from Deepblue Ventures and was the recipient of N1,000,000 from the 2020 Friends of Prof March 8 initiative.

Kabolitics' product

Kabolitics’ product


Although Africa has 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, according to the AFDB, the continent still spends over $50 billion on food imports annually, yet, 226.7 million people are starving on the continent. 

In the words of Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, president of the 74th UNGA, “Hunger is a scourge unbefitting of our era.”

Hunger is truly a scourge unbefitting of the modern era, and that is why Kalibotics is poised to use the power of Robotics and AI to combat hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The impact-oriented Robotics Company, driven to bring about positive economic and social change in Africa is creating solutions for a number of industries, including agriculture, education, and security, and has several next-generation projects ongoing for these industries.

Kabolitics' product robotics

Kabolitics’ product

They include:

  • Security: The company plans to build solar-powered vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance purposes. Its solar-powered VTOL will be able to fly for extended periods of time and carry out object recognition and scene segmentation tasks. This will be facilitated by an onboard companion computer on the drone, which will run Artificial Intelligence models. The drone can be used for security and rescue missions
  • Education: Kalibotics Robots have triggered curiosity in the young minds of many disadvantaged children, and has got them asking intelligent questions about Robotics and coding. The company plans to build more affordable educational robots to go along with its ARC (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Coding) curriculum which Kalibotics has been deploying in classrooms along with educational robots since 2020
  • Agriculture: Kalibotics is building prototypes of multisensory drones (UAVs) with multispectral imaging capabilities for precision agriculture. The company’s Intelligent drones will be able to perform tasks such as crop health analysis, crop counting, and crop spraying

Kalibotics received awards and recognitions from organisations such as the Friends of the Vice President of Nigeria, Forbes, GSE, and VC4A.

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