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NIWBQR: Enextgen’s findings on broadband quality in Ibadan in nine months

The research findings – NIWBQR – you are about to read were deduced from Emetrics conducted from January 1 to September 30th 2021, can report.




For nine months, Enextgen Wireless carried out researches about the quality of broadband services offered in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State, Nigeria, using its flagship National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) solution.

The research findings – NIWBQR – you are about to read were deduced from Emetrics conducted from January 1 to September 30th 2021, can report.

It is important to let you know that Enextgen Wireless Ltd has been pioneering the leading role in Radio Frequency monitoring in Nigeria since 2016.

Enextgen is an engineering company that focuses on improving user experience on Mobile Broadband Wireless Communications.

The solutions are designed to encourage Mobile Network Operators to provide high quality of Radio Frequency coverage for optimum utilization of available spectrum and excellent customer experience.

The NIWBQR were previously based on commercial UE logging and post-processing tools, but now using Enextlog for input data and PrEmetrics for processing and visualization.

Also, it focuses on a combination of its proprietary RF quality ranking (Emetrics) and measurements of results from key applications such as ping and FTP transfers.

“In this report, we assign 50% of the weight of our overall ranking to Emetrics, 20% each to downlink throughput and packet latency and 10% to uplink throughput,” Engineer Aderemi Adeyeye, the chairman, Enext Wireless Incorporated said.

“The NIWBQR findings are based on all data available for each network operator since the beginning of 2021.

“RF quality plays similar role in 4G LTE as the quality of Nigerian roads plays in its transportation system and it is just as easy to ignore. As such, it is the primary focus of NIWBQR.

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Evaluated Route

NIWBQR Ibadan - Evaluated Route

Ibadan Emetrics (RF Quality) 1st January to 30th September

NIWBQR Ibadan - Ibadan Emetrics (RF Quality)

Ibadan Emetrics (RF Quality) Ranking


NIWBQR Ibadan - Ibadan Emetrics (RF Quality) Ranking

NIWBQR Ranking

NIWBQR Ibadan - NIWBQR Ranking

56-byte Packet Latency Ranking

NIWBQR Ibadan - 56-Byte Latency

Packet Latency Distribution(ms)

Packet Latency distribution (ms)

Downlink Throughput Ranking

Downlink Throughput Ranking

Downlink Throughput Distribution(Mbps)

Downlink Throughput Distribution (ms)

Uplink Throughput Ranking

NIWBQR Ibadan - Upper Throughput Ranking

Uplink Throughput Distribution(Mbps)

Throughput Distribution (ms)

To view more visit the company website:


Click the URL – for the RF quality of the LTE service provided by the four major network  operators and likely experience from applications that depend on throughput and/or packet latency.

“Interested network operators can gain access to the raw data for our reports by subscribing to PREMETRICS, our proprietary EMETRICS platform”, he explained.

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