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Opera Mini launches new feature connecting friends . Hits 2.4 million activations

This feature by Opera Mini enables finding new friends across Africa, networking and chatting with them with just one click away.



Opera Mini HYPE in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Opera Mini users have every reason to be happy following the launch of Opera’s built-in chat service called Hype.

This feature enables finding new friends across Africa, networking and chatting with them with just one click away.

Hype is currently available and quickly gaining popularity in English-speaking African countries, with over 2.4 million activations so far.

Recently, Opera further introduced the Find new Friends feature with the new version of the chat service, Hype 1.3, in response to requests from Hype users who were interested in making new friends and finding interesting people to chat with.

Speaking on this new service, Jørgen Andersen -EVP of Mobile Browsers Business Unit at Opera said; “One of the famous African proverbs about friendships says that – to be without a friend is to be poor indeed. Without a doubt, in today’s world your network matters a lot, and the power of friendship can’t be underestimated. This new feature allows you to chat with someone new with just the tap of a button. In less than a month since we launched, it has already become a hit with many users across Africa and we are very excited about our users in Nigeria, maximising this service, he added.

To start finding friends anytime anywhere, just open your Hype account, click “Find New Friends,” and you will be matched with a person who clicked the same thing and is also willing to make new friends.

Opera Mini HYPE Club

Furthermore, Opera has infused some handy tips to ensure that the Find new Friends feature remains safe for all. Users are encouraged to keep their privacy mode on and can simply end the chat at any point to find a new match.

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To get onto Hype,

  1. simple activate the Hype account by downloading the free Opera Mini
  2. Set up a Hype account by tapping the Hype logo at the bottom of the Opera Mini browser, or through the O menu.
  3. Next, choose your name and take a selfie or upload a personalised photo – it will become your profile picture and be visible to other Hype users.
  4. Then you can sync Hype with your phone’s contact list and start chatting with others.

In addition to finding new friends, Hype lets you easily browse the web, chat with existing friends, share self-created memes, stickers, and GIFs with other Hype users, and find people with the same interests, all in one app.

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