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Pidgino, embedding the Nigerian Pidgin language into social networking




Leveraging innovation to create a platform where communication can be done in Nigeria’s local language, Pidgin, Ayo Pedro recently founded Pidgino.

Pidgino is a social community built on a goal to connect Nigerian pidgin language lovers in diaspora. The company is ensuring the existence of a social media platform where not just the English language but the Pidgin language can be communicated with, enabling local language fanatics to express themselves freely. 

Although the introduction of social media has made communicating with people across the globe easier than ever, there are language limitations. 

The lack of typical social media that understand African cultures and the importance of pidgin language results in endless pains such as cultural mismatch, difficulties in communication, anxiety, and misunderstandings,” Pedro pointed out.

Pidgino focuses on allowing users to interact effectively using Pidgin and/or English language, through unique sharing dynamics which includes exciting features according to the Founder.

The company’s business model is aligned with its vision and aim to create a platform that will allow Pidgin language speakers in Africa and diaspora to interact effectively using the language.

Two weeks ago, the company launched the beta version of its product and got over 600+ sign-ups on the waitlist, with several validations on the concept, unique sharing mechanics and business model. 

In a short period, this idea is proving to be highly scalable in Africa and beyond, ” Pedro said. 

Just like several startups, Pidgino is thriving towards overcoming the challenge of financial limitations.

We need investors/venture capital that are willing to support the idea and we don’t wish to close down like most early homegrown social networks,” Pedro concluded.

Social media provides a rich terrace for exploring, developing, and learning new languages when well utilised. ‘The combination of informal, personal communication and the mass audience afforded by social media is a recipe for rapid change.’

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​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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