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Vodafone connects its customers with Thales’ Eco-SIM card

Thales to supply Vodafone Group with eco-designed SIM cards made from recycled refrigerators



Visafone Eco-SIM supplied by Thales

  • Millions of subscribers in Europe and Africa set to benefit from eco-responsible innovation

Thales to supply Vodafone Group with Eco-SIM; a product whose card body is made out of 100% recycled plastic from refrigerator interiors. can report that Vodafone initially plans to deploy Eco-SIM in ten countries1 in Europe and Africa.

Over 4.5 billion SIM cards are produced every year2, representing 20,000 tons of plastic – the equivalent weight of two Eiffel towers.

Developed in partnership with Veolia, the global leader in ecological transformation, the Thales Eco-SIM was launched in 2020 and is made from 100% recycled polystyrene recovered from discarded refrigerators.

Offering a second life to the refrigerator interiors, Thales enabled an independent and exclusive green plastic supply flow to Vodafone.

Thales’ carbon offsetting program also ensures its innovative ‘green SIM’ is certified as carbon neutral3. As a result, the new contract will support Vodafone’s far-reaching plans for cutting e-waste, reducing its carbon footprint, and contributing to a circular economy.

“An individual SIM may be tiny, but in total our Eco-SIM manufacturing program will save nearly 5,000 metric tonnes of virgin plastic every year,” said Emmanuel Unguran, VP Mobile & Connectivity Solutions at Thales.

“Just like Vodafone, Thales has developed transformative plans for environmental action. This new contract highlights the determination of both companies to recognize their responsibilities to the planet,” Unguran added.

In parallel, eSIM has definitely enjoyed a very successful beginning. 1.1 billion eSIM-compliant consumer devices, such as smartphones, wearables, and connected PCs, have been already shipped end of 2021.

And more than 3 billion units in total are expected to be shipped between 2021 and 2025 (source: ABI Research – Feb. 2021).


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