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5 Nigerian entrepreneurs selected to join the 2022 Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize

In the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa programme, these entrepreneurs will compete for the £25,000 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation



Royal Academy of Engineering
Royal Academy of Engineering

Among 16 entrepreneurs selected to participate in the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize, five are Nigerian-based.

In the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize programme, these entrepreneurs will compete for the £25,000 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

While other entrepreneurs were selected from across Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, The Republic of the Congo, Togo and Uganda, all were from the mechanical, electric, materials and software engineering sectors.

They will receive crucial commercialisation support to accelerate their businesses after undergoing vigorous training and showcasing their works in the summer. The winner will be selected to receive £25,000, and three runners up receive £10,000.

Launched by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014, the Africa Prize has a track record for identifying and accelerating excellence. Africa Prize alumni have already created over 1,500 jobs, raised more than $14,000,000 in grants and equity. 

The 2022 participants, which includes innovators from the nine countries, comprise for the first time, female innovators who take up half of the list.

The Nigerian entrepreneurs include:

Adekoyejo Kuye

Founder, Coldbox Store, an off-grid cold storage solution for farmers to store and sell fresh produce without relying on the electrical grid.

Virtue Oboro

Founder, Crib A’Glow, a foldable photo-therapy crib that treats jaundice in newborns. The crib can operate on solar or grid power and monitor the baby’s condition.

Mariam Eluma

Founder of HoBeei, an online free-cycle platform where users can upload unwanted or unused items in exchange for virtual currency to purchase other goods.

Oluwatobi Oyinlola

Founder, SolarPocha, an outdoor workstation, a solar-powered space where students can connect to WiFi and off-grid electricity.

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Femi Taiwo

Founder of TERAWORK, an online platform that connects users to freelancers, so small business owners can find and safely outsource key skills such as coding and accounting.


​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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