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Digital Mobile services and Huawei Mobile Services
Selfie time? Click. Connect. Share via Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) is committed to bringing digital to every person, home, and organisation to create a fully connected, intelligent world. But what does that mean in practice?

At its most basic level, it means linking all your smart devices for a universal experience driven by the most innovative technology operating in the background.

Digital Mobile Services and smartphone user

Including your smartphone, PC or tablet, smartwatch, router, and speakers, for HMS it is about providing their customers with a user-friendly, digital lifestyle experience.

After all, you don’t want to fiddle about when trying to get the settings right to share your photo albums or favourite video clips with family or friends. It’s about embracing a natural way of doing things without needing to care about the technical wizardry going on in the background.

Simply put, people want their devices to work the way they should. This is evolving the point and click concept to the next step.

A connected ecosystem

Huawei Mobile Services has done extensive research and figured out the best way to provide you with this truly integrated digital experience.

It’s as easy as taking one primary device, such as your Huawei smartphone, then connecting that device to the HUAWEI Share wireless technology service that bridges communication to eight categories of smart devices.

You then add the HUAWEI Hilink App to the equation. Now, you’ve got a world of thousands of connected devices open to you that can be seamlessly connected from the palm of your hand.

This new world is all about having digital solutions in place that work right from the ground up so you can live the digital life you want with Huawei Mobile Services. Click. Connect. Share.

Digital Mobile services and Huawei Mobile Services (2)

Smartphone users enjoying digital services

Content delivery

But getting devices to integrate is just the first step. After all, you’re going to need content to consume. And that’s where HUAWEI Ads comes in.

It may be an advertising platform serving more than 700 million Huawei customers worldwide, but it’s so much more than that. For you as a user, it gives you the most relevant information to suit your unique requirements. And for advertisers, it means providing valuable content to specific target audiences.


It really is about providing the best of both worlds. This real-time advertising marketplace uses programmatic technology that delivers user preferences, App interest, and demographic information.

As an advertiser, this platform is worth its weight in gold as you can create exciting campaigns that appeal to the right audiences. For readers, it means you are getting content that will enrich your life using the device of your choice.

HUAWEI Ads brings together the best partners, brands, and technologies to provide you with tailored content to live the digital life you deserve.

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