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Gaming trends to watch out for in 2022

Game developers are introducing crypto to purchase and trade the products in the game, such as cosmetics, characters, terrains, and premium features, writes ARSLAN HASSAN 



Gaming trends 2022
Image by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

As we witnessed a worldwide shutting down of several economies in 2020 as a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the few sectors that have experienced a boom was the online gaming industry.

Several big platforms saw a massive rise in revenue from the sales and a surge in active users of in-game purchases.

Not only have expanding trends escorted in gaming dynamics, but it also characterizes several diverse genres that cater to all types of gamers worldwide.

All gaming platforms are exciting, but specific gaming trends are taking off more profoundly than others, and there are great chances that these will be in the mainstream gaming industry shortly. Here is a look at some gaming trends that are predicted to grow in 2022 as well.

Cloud-Based Gaming

Cloud-based gaming is on-demand gaming or gaming as a service (GaaS), where remote services that stream content to personal devices provide access to the gamers. Before the pandemic, the cloud-based gaming trend was in the public eye as a home-based online gaming platform. It allows users to play games the same way as watching movies on streaming services like Netflix.

So can this subscription-based cloud gaming could be as much popular as Netflix is? Yes! The subscription economy is growing five times faster than the retail economy.

A prime example of an increasing cloud economy is a virtual cloud-based casino trend that is unique in terms of social interaction. Cloud gaming may evolve over the years due to adaptive artificial intelligence (AI).

Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming

As augmented reality (AR) gaming drives technological advancement, mobile gamers have increased drastically. It integrates digital information with the real-time environment of the gamers. Overlaying the existing surroundings with distant features creates intense videos, graphics, and sounds for the players using the device camera.

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What makes it more interesting is that it enables the player to create characters, targets, and terrains.


They can scan their surroundings and create a virtual track which is a fantastic feature. Thus we can expect AR gaming will make headlines in 2022 as the fastest growing trend.

Cross-Play Platform

The impact of cross-play platform gaming is upon all genres, including online gaming. It is a gaming platform that allows players to play against other gamers on various consoles or platforms. One could be playing on an Xbox against another who could be playing on mobile or PC.

Many reasons count for its popularity, including growing mobile gaming platforms, the rising thirst of mobile gamers for quality, and the development of multiplatform and real-time rendering technologies.

It is a server-running platform that can be efficiently operated with the rapid growth of 5G technology.

Most of the prominent multiplayer genres support cross-play, allowing gamers to play regardless of the system they are playing on.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is gathering pace and will be in the mainstream gaming market soon.  Thanks to the innovative VR gaming devices, players’ interactive experiences with others have improved over time.

The number of VR gamers is on the rise and is expected to increase in the coming years because this gaming market has no better alternative.



Even before the pandemic, Esports gaming platforms were popular, but COVID-19 marked the last nail in the coffin.

The Esports industry has changed the perspective of the gaming industry to a whole new level. In 2020, Esports saw a rise of 69%, and it has not slowed in 2021 as well.

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The main reason for this rise is the social interaction of gamers at this multiplayer platform.

Gaming Accessories And Setups

One sector that always sees growth with a rise in gaming trends in the market is gaming accessories. Whether people play games on PC, Xbox, PS5, or other gaming consoles, you need relevant setup and devices for a smooth experience.

These essentials primarily include specially designed headphones, controllers, external hard drives, gaming desks, microphones, etc.

Latest computer glasses and curved monitors are trendy in gaming communities nowadays because they reduce eye strain which can help fatigue over long gaming sessions. Similarly, VR gaming devices like headsets, sensor-equipped gloves, controllers, etc., are expected to see a rise in sales due to growing VR trends.

Remakes and Reboots

The gaming industry has realized that remakes and reboots sell well, just like in the Hollywood industry.

Its prime example is the massive selling of FF7, the Resident Evil two and three. Hence we can look forward to new versions of classic games as all game developers are working efficiently to provide the best experience for their players.


Crypto Gaming

As the name suggests, crypto gaming platforms run on cryptocurrency networks. It provides the players with a partially distributed Ledger architecture that enables them to own virtual products. Industries worldwide are looking for ways to incorporate their core and products into this global phenomenon.

Game developers are introducing crypto to purchase and trade the products in the game, such as cosmetics, characters, terrains, and premium features.

It has grown into popularity mainly due to a secure and straightforward way for the gaming industry to earn money.

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Final Thoughts

As the world is changing, so makes its approach for creativity in the gaming genre. We cannot deny that the gaming industry has been growing in leaps since the last few years and is expected to grow to almost 12776 M users by 2025. We can probably see some prominent trends in the gaming industry to rise by 2022 and beyond.

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